Looking find quite a few good guns

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Snyder, May 5, 2010.

  1. Snyder

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    I'm trying to find these firearms, but I would a good deal for them.

    -AR15 (M16A2 look w/ 20" barrel and A2 heatguard)
    K4B 20 inch Standard AR15 Rifle
    Century C-15A2 Sporter AR-15 style rifle, 223 caliber.

    AK 74 Rifle for sale

    -M1 Garand
    (where would I find one?)

    -1903 Springfield
    Springfield Armory1903 MK1 30-06 WW2 Rebuild. Very good condition

    Quality is not a huge concern of mine seeing as these would be my first serious purchases. The biggest issue for me is price. I would like to have the cheapest price possible. So anything past $1,000 would be a no-go. I have listed URLs for sites selling what I am looking for and would like to have anyone's opinion on that sale and I would love suggestions. :)
  2. jpattersonnh

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    There was a Century A2 FS at a shop near me a while back. $550.00

    Check out Century's site and also check Gun Broker and Auction Arms.

  3. cpttango30

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    IF you are wanting to spend $1k on all of them your SOL buddy sorry. As a Garand will run you $600 at lest and that is for a beat down worn out refurb model from the CMP. If you want one on the civilian market your looking at $800+ for a decent shooting one.

    M1 Garand Sales
  4. DrumJunkie

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    All the Garands I see on Gunbroker (worth having anyway) are a grand and over. About the same on the 03 Springers. You see a deal here and there but but the lower the cost usually the more beat down they are. Good luck in your search. The auction sites might be a good place to look. It's where I go to test the waters anyway.