lookin to build an accurrate slug gun!

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by scruffyduck, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. scruffyduck

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    considering a 20 ga. 3" 870 with cantilevered bbl. and scope , any
    info or suggestions would be appreciated !
  2. Catfish

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    Great choice. 2 more you might consider are the NEF single shot, cheap and work well, and the Mossburg bolt action slug gun. Big and ugly, but have a great reptuation for accuracy. Look at these and get the one you like best and I think you`ll be very happy.

  3. rickrem700

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    I have this shotgun in smooth bore and have been using it the last two years for deer, looking back I think of all the time and energy I wasted carrying that hog of a 12 gauge around, the 20 shoots flatter with way less recoil, I bought the youth model with 19 inch barrel, I think they only make 20 inch barrel now, mine is the Remington 870 express magnum, I am looking for a reasonable rifled barrel for it so I can shoot sabots out of it, however the smooth bore is a tack driver, I can hit match books at 75 yards all day long with out to many misses and if you do miss it ain't by much, you will be most happy with your selection, Like I said it's like carrying around a pellet gun, sure can feel the difference at the end of the day!!!
  4. RePete

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    You will need to install a mag extension and, I use UM Police clamp, a mag clamp.

    Before you tighten the clamp you rotate the barrel one way or the other, and you do this same procedure everytime you reassemble the gun. This will give you consistancy.
  5. Dcomf

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    Look for an Ithaca M37 Deerslayer if you want to be different.