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    My old man gave me this 1911 from what i know its pretty old its an lw serial number and is chambered in 9mm. i only have one mag for it and am lookin for some new ones. Any help here is awsome. Also i have alot of fte ( as if the slide is goin foward faster then the used shell can fly free) any help to fix this is appreciated. This is my first post and am new to this forum all help is welcome
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    Tripp Research, Inc. - 1911 Magazines

    Scroll down to the 9mm and click. You need a 10R-9MM-RG. Cobra mags are the best you can buy and they may very well fix your FTF/FTE issue.

    By old man, are you referring to your father? I wish my dad was still around so I could call him old man.

    Hop over to the Introduction section and say hi.

    You may want to post a thread in the 1911 section explaining your Commander issues. You will get far more replies than here.
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    Like cane said hop over to the 1911 forum. You will find that cane and several others have a vast wealth of knowledge. They are great with giving u ideas and help wirh any issues you might have. I am still learning stuff from them everyday. I myself have 3 tripp mags and love them imo there is none better.

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