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  1. tinbucket

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    I was born at least 250 years late. This corner of the world and some of the people are Dad's Ancestors. The reason for this post is the Long hunters a,org/leend their accounts.
    I hate that the Europeans, including my Ancestors decimated the game and the wild. All the Land Owners, Developers and Investors will allow now are Deer in Tn..and a few Elk.
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  2. SRK97

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    Elk are making a comeback into their native ranges, support the right organizations and my future grandkids might have a chance to hunt them in VA like they do out west

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    There have been a lot of really great restoration efforts. Ted Turner is definitely a guy to check out- he’s using his billions to buy a bunch of land to help save endangered species.
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  4. Ghost1958

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    Ky seems to have good luck repopulating species that were all but wiped out.
    First it was deer. Used to be when I was a kid seeing one was like seeing Rudolph. Rare. Now they are thick as fleas.

    Turkey were gone not so long ago here. Now they are everywhere. Sadly though they prey on ruffled grouse and quail eggs . So we have tons of Turkey at the expense of grouse and quail being almost extinct here.

    Coyotes. Dont me started. The pests were wiped out here now reintroduced they are everywhere.

    And ElK . KY reintroduced elk several years back in the south east part of the state. Now there is a hunting season for them in that region plus a kill on sight containment ring outside of that region . Apparently they dont want Elk to establish farther north or west for some reason.
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    West Texas and up in the Panhandle there are quite a few elk that have migrated from New Mexico. Since The state doesn't recognize them as "native" game, so they can be hunted year round just like exotic game species.
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  6. JTJ

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    Might be they are afraid of Brucellosis.
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    Brucellosis was spread from cattle to Bison and Elk not the other way around. Ranchers and BLM keep repeating the lie that Bison will give their Cattle, on our public land Bruecellosis...yet there is not one case of Bison spreading Brucellosis to Bison and probably not to Elk. Thye simply don't want native Species to compete for the forage! And Native Species can bread with cows...but not steers. They say the Bison can ruin their cattle. Not many steers give milk as in none! In Tn they transferred oru state Forests under Alexander to the Dept of Agriculture and they are run for the benefit at our expense for the Timber Companies, even bulldozing and leveling vast areas for Pine Plantation and destroying all food plants. They don't want, Elk Bear or anything else in the Timber Companies Pine Plantations. Alexander Dept Head said back then well you can stll walk over the ground after they clear cut Catoosa and other State Forests, but a rabbit would have had a hard time making it's way through the slash piled on roads etc. Farmers are the only ones with genuine reasons for concern with these large herbivores, so the entire population and the nature suffers for the benefit of now mostly large corporations' biodiesel soy and ethanol corn Farmers. Let them put up some stout fences with the subsidies paid by taxpayers and the huge profits from Biodiesel and Ethanol.
    next time they tell you they are not making a profit count the $300,000.00+ combines, and $250,000.00-$400,000.00 huge tractors and so on.
    Who is at the gun shops come harvest time these Millionaires buying cases upon cases of shotgun shells new imported and domestic expensive shotguns, new in vogue English boots and hunting clothes new pickups, and new Tractors and who s booking the the hunting rips out west, these Millionaires and a lot fo so ons.
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