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  1. PeeJay1313

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    Is there an optimal, long term humidity plus temperature we should be trying to achieve for our firearms?? AND, what is the best way to achieve them...
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  2. Nmwabbit

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    might i ask a clarification...

    are you storing them in a safe/gun container e.g., portable pelican type container out of the elements or “open room” environment or “hidden” compartment built into the walls of the home/office?

    are you discussing LG or muzzle loaders or handguns?

    and your perception of long term is - - between hunting season(s) or years, and is there continuous power available during this storage period?

    finally, region is of consequence, e.g., NM/AZ lower humidity milder climes per se, while other regions have extremes in their temps & humidity.

  3. Nmwabbit

    Nmwabbit Guest

    The above noted, while he was alive, my father used ‘Cheese cloth’ with i believe was impregnated w/a light weight oil wrung out of it, wrapped around his LG and WWI era 1911 while in northern tier states and in southern GA - never saw him clean them nor fire them and there wasn’t a spot of rust on them when I inherited them when he passed after living in Northern tier MI.

    FIL’s firearm collection sat in open gun rack in a small open room in Tacoma uncared for 40 year after his stroke, when he passed the mid 1800 trapdoor & WW II era inland M1 carbine i was proud to inherit didn’t have a lick of corrosion.

    i personally clean my firearms yearly whether or not fired, leaving a thin coat of rem oil, then put the LGs in the safe w/o humidity accessories and hand guns not immediately used as SD carry back in their original boxes; SD firearms are put back in their racks, drawers, and places within my reach.

    Please note i’m olde school and do not believe in running home after a range excursion to immediately clean my firearms. That stated, SD firearms are cleaned every six months whether shot or not
  4. RJF22553

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    House's humidity seldom goes above 40%, my "ToyBox" seldom above 35%. Both seem friendly to avoid any rust problems.

    PANDEMIC Well-Known Member

    I keep a few silica gel packs stored with everything gun related. Never had a problem with rust, corrosion, humidity, dampness, condensation (well I usually do have this problem in the winter time, but the gun gets wipped down real quick before its put away) and then its fine.

    But other then that, no problems. I never used a dehumidifier because sometimes they have to run 24/7 in the summer time. But a few silica gel packs works great for me for all seasons. :)
  6. alsaqr

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    My guns were not touched by human hands for long as two years while i worked overseas. Not a speck of rust on any.

    The bores were wiped with patches moist with Militec1. Exterior surfaces were wiped down with Militec1 or gun grease. The antique Winchesters and Colts were protected with a coat of Renaissance wax.

    The gun safes have Goldenrods.
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  7. jigs-n-fixture

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    Oxidation reactions double in rate, for every ten degrees centigrade temperature rise. Thus the standard recommendation of a cool dry place.

    Ideal for preventing corrosion would be a sealed container, which has been vacuum purged, and then Argon flooded a couple of times, and then left with a positive pressure of Argon.

    For practical purposes, a closed storage container with a good dehumidifier.
  8. Sniper03

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    I have most of my guns and similar items in the Safes. I have 4 rechargeable Desiccant Canisters in one and the other has the Electric Bar that plugs into a wall socket to eliminate humidity. They are in the Office Garage (w Cameras and Alarmed!) And I keep the temperature at 65 or higher since I do not have air conditioning in the Garage. So it does get hotter at times but probably never over 80 degrees. I wipe the guns down with a very light coat of lubricant, normally Break Free and then store them. About every six months I run a lightly lubed patch through the Bores and especially in the smooth shotgun bores. The tactical rifles are not as critical as the Shotguns due to their surface coatings. Compared to the Shotguns with their fine Bluing, other finishes and their shinny exposed bare steel bores. I have kept this up for years with no issues!
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  9. PeeJay1313

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    I have several firearms from muzzleloaders to 80s Dirty Harry to my most recent S&M500. There keep in the lower portion of my home because my safe going uphill was not an option. Heavy, I did not not go the cheap route on this one. So I'm looking for the "most ideal" all around humanity and temperature for most general firearms..
  10. hairbear1

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    I generally spray & wipe the outside of my guns with WD40 and put them away never seen much in the way of rust on them. If I've been out hunting in the mist or rain as soon as I get home I spray and wipe them down with WD40 after I give the barrel a good wipe/scrub out just in case any water has gotten down into the barrel.
  11. AgedWarrior

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    I think that varies depending upon where you live. During my military career I was stationed in a variety of climates that caused me to adjust for the location. But, no matter where I am at, I lightly clean and lube firearms every year, though most will get used at least once per year. I am careful to wipe down blued guns with some protection of your choice and insure no finger prints are left. Living in Louisiana and Florida, this worked just fine as I stored the guns in a relatively dry climate indoors. In Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, humidity was not really a factor except for about 6 weeks each year, so I wiped the guns down after the monsoons each year. More recently I lived in NW Iowa and my guns were stored in the basement. No problem at all in the winter, but during the summer I ran the dehumidifier to maintain no more than 45% humidity. Now in Texas, the guns are in a cool dry location so my annual clean and lube should be just fine.
    Ideally, keeping the humidity and temperature at reasonable levels are critical factors, but an ongoing clean/maintain/lube is also a huge factor.
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  12. MuzzleBlastMD

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    Put a light coat of EEZOX on metal surfaces.

    Is your safe in an air conditioned location?

    Mine is and I don’t even have a dehumidifier in the safe. No issues.
  13. PeeJay1313

    PeeJay1313 Well-Known Member Supporter

    The whole house is air-conditioned. I do run a dehumidifier certain times of the year. I have a moisture can in the safe.