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    I teach long range shooting and I really enjoy the challenge of the sport. I believe that this is the most difficult of the shooting disciplines because of all the factors that must be taken into consideration prior, during, and after the shot.

    What kind of long range shooters do we have in here and what distances do you get to shoot at?

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    I enjoy shooting my .45 2 7/8" Sharps out to 1000 yards. My eyes are aging but I'm still able to hit the full size buffalo in the brisket 7 out of 10 times on good days. Typical days I'm in the 3 to 5 hits range. Not bad considering sometimes I have to add over 20 minutes of windage and my head cannot make contact with the stock because of the elevated rear tang sight.

    This is a black powder cartridge and the 435 grain 45 caliber bullet drops around 1600 inches. I'm using 4" Soule Tang sight with adjustable aperture.

    Using modern technology (optics, lasers, bipods etc) does give the shooter an edge. Using the old technology no shooters mat, no bipod, no lasers, no scopes does create for an interesting challenge.

    This is probably not what you had in mine for discussion but it is long range shooting nevertheless.
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