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    My friends and I have found a new shooting hobby: 200+ yard shots with .22s. Does anyone have a ballistics table for this kind of shooting? we were shooting at 330 last week and they were dropping a good 25 feet at least with the 1240 fps ones and we were out of stingers. I would love to have a chart with the ballistics for normal rounds and hot ones likes stingers and mini mags.

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    Jester, I think those muzzle velocities are rather low. C&P-

    When zeroed for 100 yards (91 m), the trajectory of the standard high-velocity .22 LR with a 40-grain (2.6 g) bullet has a 2.7-inch (69 mm) rise at 50 yards (46 m), and 10.8 inches (270 mm) drop at 150 yards (140 m).[6] A .22 LR rifle needs to be zeroed for 75 yards (69 m) to avoid over-shooting small animals like squirrels at intermediate distances.[6]
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    thanks! now all I need is that sweet little 300 but I think I'll do the tests for it
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    Dunno. Never shot past 100 with the 22. Just have the 25, 50, and 100 marked on the vertical, but not actually measured out the rise or drop
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    Check out JBM ballistics and you can get your answers.

    I played with yellow jacket bullets and found that yardage will shock you. In a freash disked field the bullets show. I got much less yardage than published.

    Have fun
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    22 Cal Long Range Shooting

    Here's a great set of Ballistics.

    22 LR Ballistics @ Gunsmoke Engineering

    I'm shooting American Eagle High Velocity 40gr. lead round nose and get 5" drop at 100 yds. CCI has a new tactical round, it is a little pricey but great. Only available at Cabelas. Will be available after New Year at dealers. This is the round that S&W is recommending for the M&P15-22 for accuracy & reliability.