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    Hi folks,
    I just ordered some software from shooterready.com. It really is a true simulator (read simulator, not virtual reality-realism) and not some game with cheesey music and shoot-em-up agendas. Some of you are probably familiar with this already, to some of you it will probably be new. There is a free demo that loads with your browser's flash if you are interested: ShooterReady In summary, it's essentually a simulator that teaches you the basics of bullet compensation, reticle ranging and wind compensation. There are a few more environmental obstacles that it works with like humidity, temp, elevation etc. The full version throws in a even more like different bullet weights, shooting angle elevations and "classroom time" where it teaches you theory. It was a little pricey at $49 but since I have no local range to shoot like this, it will suffice to get me started. I am going to sign up for a 3 day class that is held a couple times a year a few hours from where I live. In the mean time, I was getting bored with reading about MOA ranging and wind compensation and found this sort of relaxing. I work offshore and I think that this will likely come with me on my trips. I just wanted to get some opinions of this. Maybe some of you can point out where it falls short. I personally like it. Maybe it can help me develop some talent. I don't have any trigger time with my rifles at long distance. The most and best I can presently shoot (consistently) is about 200yds, and that was with me zeroing at 200yds. I have limited scope "holdover" abilities and basically no wind compensation skills... Yet.
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    I think i may have used the same simulator before. The one I used was based on the armys mildot scope. It taught the math for range finding and how to adjust for and estimate wind speeds as well as other factors and came with several different but common calibers such as .308 .556 .416 .50bmg and others.

    The scope makes all the difference. If you do not have a scope with mildot reticule than it will be difficult to properly adjust for hold over and estimate range and such.

    I used it for a while until i got pretty good at the math (its basicly a math simulator), but it was just for fun. There pretty much isnt 1000 yards of flat space anywhere around here. Not with a clear line of sight the whole way anyway. But its still fun and useful. It wont help you with proper technique such as trigger pull, timing the shots between heartbeats and breath control but its better than nothing thats for sure.

    Edit: I just checked out the website and that is the same program I used. It worked well for me and it may do the same for you.
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