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  1. 408garrett

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    Any recommendations on a 1/4 minute .223 rifle?
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    What is your price range?
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    Hadn't really considered a price range. Guess that part isn't really a concern of mine
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    Unless you build or have a custom rifle built,your going to have a hard time finding any factory production rifle that will shoot 1/4 MOA,and even then,you better be on your game everytime you pull the trigger.
    I have several rifles that will shoot 1/4 moa groups,and have even broke the 1/8 moa mark a couple times,but I would give more thanks to luck than anything. Most of my rifles will shoot 1/2-3/4 moa almost any time I shoot them,but I would never even think calling my rifles 1/4 moa shooters because it only happens on rare occasions.

    There are too many variables that fall into play for any rifle to shoot that good all the time,and then throw in the shooter,and it just compounds the odds of a rifle shooting that well.
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    Rock River 20" A-4 Varmint Rifle. I have had two of them and both shot a 1/4 and 1/2 MOA groups when the old man was having a good day being human and all! Of course a good friend needed my first one real bad after witnessing it shoot. So I just replaced it last fall with another one in Green Hardware that shoots equally as well. It was done several times with both rifles using Federal P223E HP BT 55 gr. ammo. I have had people think I was stretching the truth until they got one, or seen it at my range. I will also be using the new one for prairie dogs as well.
    I am sure they may be other weapons that are capable but I have only had my Rock River Arms Varmint Rifles do it in the AR platform in the 223/5.56. A 40X Remington, or SAKO Varminter for example will also do it. However to get that accuracy you are going to have to have good quality ammunition, a good rest w/ (Bag Rest), calm day and your stuff together being human as I mentioned! Some days just do not work out if you know what I mean!:)

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    Now that's the answer I was looking for just some platform people have had luck with. Of course I'm aware there's a lot of factor. I'm just talking about hardware and ammo. I can worry about the rest when it comes to shooting.

    Now the following question would be... "55 gr. really?!" Seems you may be able to hold 1/2 minute out to maybe 400 yards but stretching beyond that. I really wouldn't know. I've shot primarily .308 for longer than 500 yards.
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    JMO,but...I'd be seriously looking at the whole system....Gun/sights/ammo/rest.Just sayin,don't put all the effort into one area and lag on the others.A nice chronograph and a spot-on reloading bench would be on my menu to consistently be shooting tight groups.I don't use my chrono nearly as mush as should now but,it sure did educate me on a lot of ballistic "stuff" I had heard.

    I'll(hopefully) post up some pics of a dang near wore out beater Savage .223.....but,its well within "specs" on the other areas(top-notch rest/quality reloads)....groups.Can say,I'll be knocking on 1/4" group door.It's finding the balance that works best for you.Good luck
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    Remember, there is a BIG difference between 1/4 MOA and consistent 1/4 MOA.

    Consistent 1/4 will require a bench rest rifle. Consistent 1/2 MOA can be easily achieved by most of the quality AR-15 match grade rifles.

    Remember too that this level of accuracy will also require a top quality scope. the $99.95 Wally world special won't cut it.
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    What he said is spot on ^^^^^^ I have shot 1/4" groups 50% of the time with my 308 AIAW folder but don't consider it a true 1/4" rifle since it won't do it regularly. The aggregate of all the 5 shot groups I have shot is 0.31" so I consider it a 3/10" inch rifle.
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