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  1. LaiePoi

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    Hey guys just have a couple questions about blue loctite...

    1. After putting loctite on screws are you supposed to let it dry before screwing it on or can you screw it on immediately? Just asking cause magpul stuff comes with loctite and it is dried completely.

    2. If you remove a screw that had loctite on it Would you have to reapply Loctite before putting it back in?
  2. John_Deer

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    No, you install the screw with the loctite still wet. Yes, once you break the seal created by locktite you need to clean the screw and apply it it again. I just run the screw in and out of the hole a few times. For screws you will need to remove fairly often purple locktite or fingernail polish is a better alternative. Blue locktite will strip the threads.

  3. JonM

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    blue loctite wont strip your threads unless you have really really crappy screws. locktite works fine dried or wet. it doesnt "lock" the screw in place it just prevents it from backing out under vibration.

    blue and red locktite both have very low resistance to heat so if your application is going to get hot as in a muzzle device or some other area heat sensitive area you need a to use something like rocksett. its got about the same sheer strength of blue loctite, which isnt a lot, but its proof up to about 2000 degrees heat.

    i tend to use rocksett more than i use blue locktite. it is easily removable with hand tools but wont back out under normal firearms use. i glommed on to it when i started mucking with supressors and such.

    what is more important is an inch pound torque wrench like the wheeler FAT wrench. HIGHLY recomend it. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/71...m-accurizing-torque-torque-wrench-screwdriver if you do ANY work on guns yourself get one of these. just having your action screws and scope bases and rings etc all with the same torque and properly torqued down will improve your accuracy and ease all those issues people have mounting optics and such.
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    Great info guys! Thank you!!