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  1. Jefe'

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    Hey all - I'm looking for a storage solution for locking up my long guns in the closet when I'm out. I've got an AR, a 12 Ga, and my wife's 20 Ga. For when we're out and don't take any of these with us, I was thinking of this unit for in the closet:


    Any thoughts on this rack, or other suggestions?

    I would also like to have a single vertical rack that I can put near the bed for my 12 Ga Remington, which is my home defense gun. I haven't found anything that I like for this application yet, and would appreciate some suggestions.

    I'd also like to hear about your favorite lockable boxes for locking up a handgun inside a vehicle when necessary.

  2. ScottG

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    I don't know about those things. If someone found it and had a couple of minutes your guns would be their guns. Of course, a plain locking cabinet is about the same as that. Maybe the visibility makes it seem less secure....

  3. hillbilly68

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    El Jefe,
    Sounds like (my asssumption, you know how those go) you just want to protect them from theft when you are away. Nothing is burglar proof, so it comes in varying degrees with varying advantages vs cost. I dont recommend a rack like this for the security purpose. Better off with one of the 99 dollar gun lockers that you can lag bolt into wall studs. Better even, hidden in the back of a closet behind a clothes rack. Doesn't seem like loss to fire is a concern for you based off you considering the rack in the first place. Accessability? I have always subscribed to the "its either locked up (in any way) or its not" There is no in-between.
    Bottom line is if you can afford it (no insult intended, things are tough all over) get a fireproof gun safe for storage. Again, nothing is burglar proof, but a good balance between practical and functional.
  4. vanguard

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    i have a gun cabinet that i bought at academy sports for $77.00 they have gone up in price now but it is great ,you bolt it to the floor and the wall,when you close the door it locks top , bottom , and side ,holds 8 long guns with a shelf for ammo, its made by STACK-ON ,then i have two small pistol cabinets,each holds 2 hand guns, that i bolted on top of the long gun cabinet, all bolted in the colset, BUT.when i go on vacation i take all my guns to my dads house,
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    I have been told that burglars go to the bedroom first and check the dresser, bedside cabinets, and CLOSETS (especially closet floors, if carpeted) for safes.

    I've also been told that burglars want to be in and out as fast as they can. Most opinions are 20 minutes or less (if no alarm is sounding).

    The point of this knowledge is that you can't make things "totally" secure; your best defense is to "run out the clock" on the burglar.

    An alarm equipted house and serious safe (well concealled if possible) will probably defeat most burglary attempts.

    I was also told to "keep your mouth shut about what you have and where". Information is valuable and passes very easily when the "prize" is lucrative.:eek:

    Maybe some of the LEO's could make suggestions.............:D
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    Well Discover Chanel had a show on called "It Takes a Thief" that I used to watch.... to get to the point they where able to clear out a house in 8-12mins.... but the key thing was to make it where it is going to take to long for them to get in/make to much noise.... if you have alarm system signs then they may pass you up because the house next door dosn't. or if all your doors and windows are locked they may not want to risk make to much noise.... SO I would think its all about making your house look as hard/dangerous to get into as possible.... that said safes take a long time to get into and will make alot of noise. And that rack could be broken into with a crowbar and about 2mins with no real noise....
  7. c3shooter

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    Well, it has been said that a lock only keeps an honest man out. Not quite- purpose of locks, safes, cabinets, etc, is to make getting in time consuming, conspicious, and aggravating. Even a $10,000 Jewelers high security safe, rated for TRTL and EX (torch, tool, and explosives) CAN be opened with enough time and determination. Your goal is to make it take so long, and be so apparent that they decide not to try. A good gun safe can be a big help. A good bicycle lock that attaches to a pair of eyebolts run into a stud is not perfect- but is much better than nothing. Oh- why a pair of eyebolts? You can unscrew two that have a lock run thru them. One alone can be.
  8. dragunovsks

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    Why not build a false wall in the closet? I thought about getting a gun cabinet and actually still want to but right now the money isn't there. I am going to put in a panel on one end of my closet, it will be secured by nailing/screwing 2X4 blocks to the wall, ceiling and floor. It will probably only be deep enough for a single row of longuns, because any deeper than that would be noticable. My house has plywood paneling instead of drywall, so a removable panel with hidden longuns behind it would be a very easy project.
  9. Jefe'

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    Say that's not a bad idea. I may noodle that around a little bit.

    And thanks to all for the feedback. If I don't flesh something out along the lines of a false panel in the wall, I will look to do something more substantial than what I posted.
  10. vanguard

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    thats very good , out smart the crook , he cant steal what he can,t see.:)
  11. metal408

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    Liberty presidential safe. very good and reliable. Neighbor has one and so do I, never felt so secure about anything else in my life. Also keep all Gov. documents in there as well.


    thats the website for the co. and the exact safe. you wont be dissapointed.
  12. Rentacop

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    Long guns can be secured by...
    1) ...locking them inside a large footlocker or steamer trunk . The trunk can be placed in the basement with boxes of junk piled with and on it .
    2) ...putting a good lock on the door to a room and storing the guns in that room .
    3) ...hiding them in an attic, preferably one you have to climb up into .
    4) ...locking all of the trigger guards together with a cable.
    5) ...storing the bolts elsewhere .
    6) ...chaining a dead refrigerator or freezer shut with the guns inside . Be sure to drill ventilation holes in back . Thieves will assume the unit is chained to keep kids from suffocating in it .
    7) ...building a vault inside the house .
    Note- A surprising number of burglaries are committed by friends and family . Practice good key control, etc.
    The A.G. English company sells Fort Knox safes, which are good quality .