Local preparedness groups (militias)

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    I know the subject is viewed with strong feelings and beliefs either way but I must ask and I'll tell you why. I am disabled and can hardly walk but I can get to my truck and drive. I am worried that when the SHTF I will fall in the catagory of victim. I am modestly trained in survival methods from my upbringing and my Navy training. I have above average smarts and can contribute a lot to a group setting. I would like to start or join a local group of people like the minutemen we had back in the day.

    Being disabled doesn't mean I can't be of service when needed, but it scares the hell out of me not being connected and I don't know what or how to do it. I am hoping with all the knowledge out there maybe there are more like me that would have to depend on others to help me bug out but I can be an asset to the group because everything that needs to be done in a setting like that doesn't always need legs.

    I do not mean a group of haters or Rambo freaks, just a cool group of guys and gals with a common mind to make the best of a bad situation and pool resources to survive the problem. Is it legal for one and where would you suggest I start? Thanks FTF, I know you guys and gals have a wealth of info to help me get started.
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    You brought this up in the random thoughts thread, and I'm glad to see you started a thread dedicated to it. I answered you there, as did someone else, so I copied my reply there to post here.


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    Funnelrider, here is my opinion, each of the colonies had their own armed civilian fighting force-some we're called minutemen. Today these colonies are states and their civilian armed force is called the National Guard. I have shooting buddies to practice, and this is totally legal even in Germany. If someone asks, just say you are having a good time shooting with your buddies. If the shtf, then I honestly do not think the law is relevant anymore. Neighbors also have the right to protect each other. Just stay low key and do not say anything you may regret later. I also feel that today's musket is an AR-15. All eligible Americans should own one and be proficient.
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    Get together with friends that are reasonable people.

    Then forget the "MadMax-Road Warrior" militia stuff and start preparing for real world scenarios.

    How much fresh water you have, or can acquire is going to be a lot more critical than how much ammo you have.

    First aid skills, mechanical skills, and many others are going to be a helluva more important than marksmanship.

    Certainly, you should have weapons and ammo, but the likelihood you will ever need to use them is remote.

    Prepare for the real world, not the video game world.
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    I would like to add something to this train of thought. Think about the military. What they're known for, bringing death, destruction, and damnation to the country's enemies.

    But how is that made possible? Because the support personnel outnumber the gunslingers, and for good reason. The food, first aid, mechanical support. Equipment, repair, electricity, fuel, engineering. All that is easily 80% of the "fight", and probably more. And so should your preparations be. Can't do nothing with all the ammo in the world, the best training available, or the heaviest artillery, if it only takes a matter of days to starve you out.
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    Funnelrider, I wish you the best of luck. Your family, friends, and neighbors are your best bet for a group. Most people in the "preparations mindset" are quite wary(rightfully so) of those they do not know.