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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by BikerRN, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. BikerRN

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    I'd like to get the opinion of the group.

    I have a LGS that I have dealth with for over 25+ years and they know who I am when I call and know me by name when I go in. This year alone I have bought three guns from them.

    Anyway, I called and asked them to order me a set of grips, a less than $50 item, for a gun. They have ordered stuff for me in the past with no issues. This time they wanted me to come in and make a deposit. From all indications they aren't losing money, as guns are flying off the shelves, and they have done this for me in the past and I have always paid for the items I requested.

    When I got done, and phone routed to the Manager, whom I also have known for years, I was a bit torqued and considering not ever doing business there again or recommending them.

    I am a repeat customer, have ordered stuff from them in the past, and never not paid for what I've requested. I have also sent multiple sales thier way, five .41 Magnum N-Frames, without a lock, alone in the past couple of years, and bring people to thier door. I'm loyal and request the same from them. I consider it like a slap in the face to be asked to drive down and "make a deposit" on such a small item. I called Pacmayer myself and ordered them.

    I'm thinking of never gracing thier door again. What say you? I have another local FFL that handles all my transfers and buy most of my better guns online but I usually give them the first chance to match prices and if they come close, even if it cost more after taxes, I buy from them.

  2. danf_fl

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    If they had to change policy, there probably was a reason.

    All it takes is another customer to order something and not pay for it. This causes the LGS to get stuck with excess merchandise. Sending it back costs additional money, so selling it is cheaper (if they can sell it).

    Don't take it personally, as this could have been the result of someone else screwing up.

  3. towboater

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    Recon it would be best to just confront the manager or owner. Tell em how ya feel about their new policy.
  4. orangello

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    Why wouldn't you just order a non-FFL item direct to begin with? I don't understand that part. Can the shop get enough of a better deal to make something off the transaction and still give you a comparable price to ordering direct?

    I guess i just don't have a good enough LGS. I buy firearms there and that is about it. The guy doesn't sell much ammo or seem interested in going up against Wally'sworld on it; he can usually come up with a box or two to go with a firearm purchase, no more. The shop also doesn't really do much in accessories.
  5. JTJ

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    I buy a lot of items locally that I could get on line. The lgs have to make a living or they wont be there. I have gotten some extremely good deals on ordered guns because they know me and know I buy there. Talk to the owner/mgr personally there and let him know you are disappointed. The person you talked to may not realize who you are.
  6. ellis36

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    biker, you probably just got caught up in a new store policy brought about by too many people special-ordering items, then not picking them up and leaving the store stuck with unwanted items in stock. It's difficult to have a store policy saying 'No special orders over the phone except for 'biker.' Money up-front for special-order items except for 'biker.' I understand the frustration of not being to place the order over the phone but I wouldn't take it personally.
  7. PanBaccha

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    I quite agree. Maybe the gun shop had gotten burnt by someone.
  8. ellis36

    ellis36 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Another thought. If not being allowed to place orders over the phone is really inconvenient, why not speak to the manager and explain your problem. If you trust him, offer to let him personally hold your credit card # to cover his butt. He might just cut you a special deal.
  9. willfully armed

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    I just had my lgs order some primer tubes from Dillon. They were already placing an order. I don't mind paying a little markup since I'm not paying shipping.

    I would be somewhat offended had they asked for prepay.
  10. shadamai

    shadamai New Member

    I agree that they probably have changed their policy due to being screwed over by others and that it probably isn't anything personal against you.

    If you let the manager know that you were so disappointed and so inconvenienced by being asked to drive there just to pay on a small item that you just ordered it directly from someone else, he might be willing to work with you more next time. The credit card suggestion wasn't a bad one, either. At my last job (which was not firearm related at all), I was happy to work with trusted regular customers and make some exceptions when I could (company policy absolutely prohibited some things.) However, I could only try to come up with a solution for people who communicated their issues with me.
  11. notdku

    notdku Administrator Staff Member

    Was it a new person taking your order?

    I wouldn't take it personally.
  12. MrWray

    MrWray New Member

    I would be a little irked myself but i dont think that it would cause me not to make future purchases. I would just talk to your manager friend and ask him why your needing to make deposits now. You may receive a very understandable explaination.
  13. BikerRN

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    I'll pick up the last gun, already paid in full, and probably never grace thier door again or recommend them. The grips were for that already paid for revolver I'm waiting on and they were aware of that.

    I have seen the store change over the years, to three times the price of another FFL's transfer fee, refusing to be the receiver of Glock pistols because he's a Glock dealer and wants you to buy from him, to having an attitude of not caring if you buy or not as someone else will. There are enough people in and out the door that if you don't buy it rest assured somebody will be filling out a 4473 for that item.

    One of the reasons I like to frequent local businesses is for the personalized service. If I want impersonal I can get that from the internet and probably a lot cheaper to boot. I'm not foolish enough to think that my purchase of a set of rubber stocks for the already paid for revolver will make or break them. The gun I paid for, but am waiting on, is the one I wanted the stocks for. Since they are unwilling to do that I'll just take my business elsewhere and recommend others do the same.

    Even with shipping and transfer fees I can get things cheaper online. Lots of businesses talk about "support your local stores" but when push comes to shove they make it hard to do so by thier attitude and lack of personal service. I have a local Gunsmith I use that is known for his work, more than one in fact. While I may have to wait my place in line to get guns worked on, I've always appreciated the personal service and attention to detail. That is a factor that seems to be lacking in this store. By the way, these 'smiths don't ask me for a deposit, or accept one, when I drop something off to be worked on and they are famous names. In some places a man's word is still good I'm glad to see.