Local Club Plate Shoot

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by partdeux, Feb 4, 2012.

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    Wife bought me a red dot for Christmas and three times I've aligned it and three times it almost immediately drifts out of alignment. Last week I finally had enough, 20 rounds through my .22 and only one plate knocked down... I'm not good enough to compete with the clubs best shooters, but there's no way I'm that bad! So, off to the mfg goes the red dot for repair, and I shot iron sights. I managed to successfully shoot three rounds before getting stopped by the clubs best shooter.

    I actually timed him last night, and he knocks down 13 plates in 11.3 seconds. And that is from the time they tell him to go, and he has to load an empty firearm. Early in the year, he and a few others will max out their winnings, and most will continue to shoot, but will handicap themselves to practice. He will take four or five magazine with only three or four rounds in each one, forcing mag swap practice.

    We'll see how things go with the repaired red dot, but I may just end up staying with the iron sights, I seem to be faster with them anyway!