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Anybody willing to explain the concept of how to load for less felt recoil?
Less powder, more/less OAL, heavier bullet, fps... etc?
How important is a chrono to achieve this?
Looking to lighten the recoil in my 19 & my XD 45 for my wife and newbie shooters.

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The heiver the bullet the more recoil. Because the bullet is hevier it takes more force to push it.

So for reduced recoil load light bullets at low powder charge weight (Staying within the book specs always). Try looking for some subsonic loads.

If you look at factory ammo like Remington Managed Recoil loads in 30-06 they are 125gr bullets. not the normal 150 or 165gr bullets.

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I shoot USPSA, and we are constantly looking for the "magic laod" that will make
power factor, be accurate and 100% reliable.

The current wisdom is heavy bullet, light charge of fast powder. I run 147 gr in 9mm,
230 in 45, with Titegroup or N320 powder. Clays is popular in 45.

Steel Challenge shooters tend toward the fast powder with lighter bullets, as they
do not have to make power factor.

In your G19, you can go pretty light with the stock recoil spring, but I usually
run a 15 lb.

PM for some specific loads if you want.
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