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    I had something a little strange happen yesterday when I was running a search on Google for something related to reloading, I noticed a site that had "Primers" in the name and summary of site said something about tracking a package containing primers into LAX and having primers for sale.

    Well when I clicked on the site I received this flashing warning coming from either Norton or windows defender about the site containing viruses and it was now in the process of removing them from my HD.

    Had I looked at the name of the website more closely, it began with the words "bullet primers". Of course no one involved in the business of selling reloading supplies would ever refer to a primer as a "bullet" primer and I would have become very suspicious.

    I wasn't even aware you could give a virus from simply "visiting" a website, but apparently I was wrong. Not only are primers becoming more and more expensive and difficult to locate, the darn things now may have even become dangerous to the well being of one's computer.:eek: So if you run across a site containg the words bullet primers, it might be best to stay clear.

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    That's interesting. Maybe some "anti-gun" perps are trying to infect gun owners or something????

    Thanks for the "heads up".


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    They will try to get us any way they can..

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    Guess they are all over the place. Ran into one while looking for B&C Duramaxx stocks http://x338x.cn/13/duramaxx-stock.html. That is why I run Norton 360 on the laptop...just paid for itself!!
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