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  1. Curt

    Curt New Member

    I have a Lee Perfect Powder Measure and it seems to increase the powder weight by .4 gns over about 20 charges.

    I have a Hornady GS 1500 electronic scale and a Lee Safety Powder scale that both read the same.

    It's not a major problem because I measure, charge, and weight each individual case every time. Call me Mr. Anal. It's more of an inconvenience to constantly make adjustments.

    I've put approx. 500 rounds through since I bought the kit new.

    I cycle the charging handle fully each time. Stop to stop and pause at the top of the cycle.

    Is there an adjustment that I don't know about?


  2. JWagner

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    I am not familiar with the Lee powder measure, so I will do some guessing. I would suspect that whatever powder charge adjustment you have is moving as you use it. Can you mark it with a Sharpie or other pen and see if it is moving? Or can you put a piece of tape on the adjuster to hold it in place?

  3. PathfinderAFW

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    Make sure the silver nut on the bottom of the black adjuster is tight. Also, what mind of powder are you using? The lee isn't the best for extruded powder. I've noticed I can get more consistency if I tap the hopper on the down stroke and the body of the measure on the up stroke (when the powder comes out). Just tap during both phases 2 or 3 times but KEEP IT CONSISTENT!
  4. Curt

    Curt New Member

    I marked the nut on the measure but it's not moving.

    I'm using Winchester WSF powder. Not my first choice but it's all I could find and it was recommended by my lgs.

    I'll try the taping technique tonight.

    Thanks guys,

  5. locutus

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    Round file the powder measure and get a Redding. Problem solved, and you won't have any need to weigh individual charges anymore.
  6. gunnut07

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  7. therewolf

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    Reloading requires a lot of double-checking, so being

    anal is actually good. There's two solutions.

    One- cut a small scoop to the exact powder weight you use for that

    load, and powder type, it'll be accurate within a grain, or so.

    Two- Get a better powder thrower. IME, Dillon and Hornady make more

    costly, but much better, products.

    On a personal note, I don't do as well with LEE as others.
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  8. Curt

    Curt New Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I'll look into the alternate measures. $$$

    Regardless of what measure I use I'll always do my anal step by step. Especially when my son is watching / helping. We like our fingers where they are.

    I may not have caught the flaw in time without being anal.
  9. Overkill0084

    Overkill0084 Active Member

    ^^ This is what I ended up doing.
    With the Lee I was in the habit of checking the charge weight every 10 or 15 rounds, just to ensure that there was nothing funny going on. With the Redding, I still check it about every 30 or 40 rounds, just out of habit. I could probably stop, once you get it dialed in, it stays put.
    There are a few powders that work OK in the Lee PPM. Mine did ok w/ Bullseye & 2400. Unique was unworkable.
    I've often thought that the basic Lee design was pretty good. It just didn't hold up really well to the cost cutting. I'd be interested in seeing if it would work better done up in metal with more precise tolerances.
  10. robocop10mm

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    Lee makes some very good products. The "perfect" powder measure is not one of them.
  11. Dragonheart

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    I have 6 Dillon powder measures and the worst is plus or minus 1/10 of a grain. I also get that kind of accuracy out of RCBS. If you are running 4/10, then you just as well use a powder scoop like a Lee Loader, because every round is going to hit in a different place. I would take the advice and dump the Lee.