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    Finally had a chance to get to my buddies field and test some reloads I made up with some 80gr Hornady FMJ bullets. It was kind of surprising to see how easily this would punch through the tree I had the targets pinned to.

    I'm blaming some of the groups on me, but the starting load didn't do very well. I don't remember what the charge was do to a brain fart right now, but I'm sure it was 39.6gr (Accurate 4350). That gave me a group of probably three inches, but we'll cut an inch out because my shooting position was no where near optimal. (Last picture)

    The second loading I fired was 39.9gr, which is leading me to believe my Rem 770 likes 80-87gr bullets with this charge. I got groups of just under an inch with this combination. (First two pictures)

    The third combination I tried was a with 40.2grs, by this time I was a little fed up with trying to get small groups. It was to hot for my liking and I was working on what I'm going to call narrowed time. I had to work in half an hour and was 40mins away from work with an added stop at home to drop everything off and get changed.

    So tomorrow, which is a day to myself, I'm going to go out again but I'll be a little better prepared.

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