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    I was wondering if anyone has used load data from realguns? They call for 64.8gr of reloader 22 for 270 wsm, that just seems like alot from the other load data I have seen for that powder/cartridge. I know to start low and work up but has anyone used their load data before?
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    I'd alway use safety first when reloading, although, Hodgen lists 71-73c grains of H1000 behind a 110 grain Hornady projectile. It appears that cartridge is capable of holding large powder charges.

    One of the very best sources for reloading data that I have found is the One Book / One caliber series of manuals. Online orders can be obtain at Loadbooks Bullet Reloading Manuals, Bullets, Reloading, Guns or purchased at many sporting goods stores that handle reloading products. I have one of these manuals for each caliber I reload and trust their data as gospel. They go under the heading of "The Complete Reloading manual for the __________" etc,etc.

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    +1 on the one book/one caliber. A wealth of information. You can also go to the webste of many powder manufacturers. Hodgden.com is a good site. But it only has data for Hodgden and IMR.
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