Load Data confusion from lack of experiance.

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    From looking at 2-3 paper manuals and lots of online load data then cross ref. them all to add up to the correct load for my round has got me kinda confused with the variability.

    Im wantin to eventually load 45acp. with new brass, federal no.150 primers and Alliant Pistol Powder, 230gr.

    I bought a Lee Die set and it has the scoop in with it. Just by reading alot i know tht the scoops somtimes arent right on. I have a good RC scale to go along with it. Checking the Lee Dipper chart online i measured the amount from the scoop into the scale, right on 5.6 .

    Now 5.6 according to other sources is def. at the low end of the spectrum.
    Would i be safe cross ref. some of the higher and start somewhere in the middle? Thanx for the replys.
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    Get yourself a Lee powder measure. Costs about $25.
    I dont have data on the powder you are using and dont know the high end pressure so I can not tell you where to start. I usually reference more than one set of data because I have found discrepancies. OAL/seating depth have a lot to do with the loads so be very careful not to go below the recommended minimum overall length. Also get a taper crimp die if you dont have one.
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    i weigh every charge on a digital scale.i use the Lee powder dippers to put the major portion in the scale pan and then a trickler to charge the final bit. i like consistency in my powder charges.
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    Richard Lee in Modern Reloading claimed that he and the late Dean Grennell (for you youngsters, Dean Grennell was "Mr. Reloading" for over 40 years prior to his untimely passing) were able to consistently dip powder charges with Lee dippers to an accuracy level of 0.1 grain.

    For liability purposes, I'm sure, Lee includes a dipper in their die sets that is measured at the low end of the powders they recommend for the given cartridge. Larger dippers will give measurements of powder higher on the scale of acceptable loads. Dippers to measure powder do have a place in loading, even today, and with practice, can be very consistent in powder weight dipped.

    Rember, our shooting forefathers rarely had a scale to weigh their powder charges, but, depended on a volumetric measure for reloading.