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    If I form an LLC, can the corp buy weapons and do they still have to go through the tax stamp and signoff? If not, what steps are involved to purchase a class 3 or AOW within an LLC? Do all the officers in the LLC have to go through the background check (although I would never allow an officer in the LLC that could not pass a background check).
    Would like to go through a low cost avenue to form the LLC but I'm sure most lawyers are not familiar with auto or AOW firearms. Lastly, are there stipulations that must be met to purchase these when forming the LLC?
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    Depending on what state you're in, it's probably easier & less expensive to form a Revocable Living Trust for your NFA items. You still have to pay the $200 tax per item, but you don't have to have the local CLEO sign-off, passport photos or finger print cards when submitting your Form 4 to the BATFE. The beneficiaries listed in the Trust don't have to undergo a background check. Find a local NFA dealer & he should be able to walk you thru the process, mine helped me set-up my trust. These are the guys I use, their site should answer some of your questions.

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    LLC are easily formed on line in most states or by using like
    Form it, get a Federal EIN on line from IRS and you are a go.

    Attorneys not needed.

    A good class 3 dealer can do the papers for you to purchase.. no finger prints or LEO signatures required and 90 day processing time is reduced to typically 30 to 45 days.

    Hope that helps !