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It's Thursday January 3 and later this afternoon the Illinois State Senate is going to vote on House bills 815 and 1263. These two bills ban guns by name and function as well as magazines.

Not bad enough? They also include the Federal tax stamps on a State level for your magazines. You must also register guns and mags.

It is scheduled for this afternoon, Thursday (1-3). Even if it does not get introduced today for vote, they have until the end of Next Tuesday (January 8) to do so.

Why next Tuesday,the 8th of January? Because that's the end of the lame duck session and the newly elected State officials begin their session the next day.

If you live in Illinois you need to call this morning your State Senator (217) 782-2000 and tell them not to vote for House bills 815 and 1263 (gun/magazine bans and a new gun taxes on existing guns you already own)

Don't live in Illinois, you can still give the Senates leading Republican your opinion as that Right is somewhat still in place.

Were fighting for our State future, I don't want to loose my home state. Please help us in any way you can. Once they own Illinois, you could be next. This would give them legal precedence for other states to follow. Divide and conquer.
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