Little Girl, Big Gun

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    Sarge had a Hunter Safety class over the weekend and a nicer bunch of kids he has ever had. One of them was a brother and sister. Sarge had meet them a week earlier at the Colorado Rifle Club and found out that the 14 yr. old girl had never shot a gun nor had ever went hunting and did not want to learn either at the time. But her Grandpa had brought her and her younger brother out to the range so she was just watching. Sarge saw her sitting back from the firing line and asked her if she would like to shoot. "NO NO", she said but after a some talking finally agreed to shoot just once. Her Grandpa's .22 rifle was a nice target rifle and Sarge explained to her the operation of the gun and how the sights should be aligned and the trigger very softly pulled. Her first shot was on the paper but near the edge. Sarge looked at her and smiled, "You thought it was going to make a big noise and hurt you didn't you?" "Yes" she sheepishly said. "Can I shoot it again?" "You bet, and your Grandpa will help you, I have to go back to my students." said Sarge.
    Soon she had gone through a full box of .22's and Sarge was back to see how she liked it.
    "Would you like to shoot a pistol?" asked Sarge. A very nice S&W .38 cal revolver was brought to her and she loved it. Finally the day was at a close and the little non-gun lover decided that maybe guns were fun and she asked her Grandpa to let her come to Sarge's Hunter Safety class the next weekend.
    And she and her brother were the first ones through the door that next Saturday. Sarge thought he had never seen such a change in a person as this beautiful young lady. She was just beaming with enthusiasm. As the last day of the Hunter Safety class came to an end the only thing left was the live fire. As a demonstration, Sarge showed the students several guns and how they shot. The .38 Spl that Katy had shot the week before was one of those. "OH OH I have shot that one before!" she squealed. Can I show them how it works." she asked Sarge. And she did it like a pro. She showed the students how the gun opened, how it was loaded and unloaded. A very satisfied and happy girl sat down to applause.
    The next demonstration was the largest hand gun currently being produced. The massive .500 Smith & Wesson revolver. Sarge has always liked the big boys and this is one gun that lets everyone know they have met their master. The dang thing hurts like heck to shoot and should only be fired with a protective glove on and two handed.
    You guessed it, Katy wanted to shoot it. Here is a young girl just 14 yrs old, average size for her age and had never shot anything bigger than a .38. "No Katy, this gun hurts!" Sarge told her. "But you taught me how to hold a gun with both hands and to lean into it." she replied, "Please?" "I don't want you to hurt yourself, Katy" Sarge said. Finally Sarge could not say no to those big beautiful blue eyes so he got out shooting gloves for both of her hands and showed her how to hold on the gun in a death grip so it will not have any room to get a run on and hit her hand. Also he had her brace herself well with a isometric position that would spread the force out to her shoulders and showed her how to lean into the gun so it would push her upright rather than knock her backward. Then he gave her one last chance to change her mind.
    She would not.
    Eye protection on, ear muffs on, position and grip checked and the little lady touched one off. The gun rared up and came out of her left hand but she held tight with her right hand and did not drop it. The gun was pointing at a 45 deg direction up when the shot was over and Katy was standing upright and opening the action to punch out the spent shell. "Well" she said. "It kicks a lot more than the .38 Revolver." and gave Sarge the biggest smile with two dimples that he ever seen. It was just natural to give her a big hug as the rest of the class applauded and the boys whistled. Now that little lady is going to make some man a absolutely wonderful wife some day.
    As the day was over and the students were leaving Katy and her brother came over and thanked Sarge again for teaching them how to shoot and all about hunter safety. Katy told Sarge that a week ago she was anti-hunting and anti-gun. Now she found a whole new sport and wanted to go to the range with Sarge and her Grandpa every weekend she could. It was all Sarge could do to keep the tears that was forming in his eyes from spilling over. What a little lady and what a wonderful weekend.
    Sarge the teacher
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    And Sarge Rocks. Great job, and keep these stories coming.

    Unfortunately so many guys would have handed her the .500 as the first gun to try, and then would have stood there laughing at her. I see it all the time, and it pisses me off.

    Thanks for continuing our shooting sports heritage the right way.

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    Great story, extraordinary girl. :)
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    Sounds like my niece.

    Couldn't help but smile and laugh at that story.
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    I used to not like guns. When I was little, my dad always had a collection of them and, since he drank a lot, always made me nervous when he would get one out. So I figured they must all be unsafe and anyone else with them was unsafe also.

    I took up archery and was going to go through hunter's safety and just bow hunt. I found out that I was going to have to shoot a rifle and shotgun to pass the course. Of course I called up the Wildlife and Parks office for the state and specifically told them I was an archer and had not desire whatsoever to shoot a gun.

    Little did I know that the guy I spoke with on the phone, called the range master and made him a bet that he couldn't make me shoot a gun. So the rangemaster showed up with pink earplugs and pink earmuffs. And after a littel bit of talking, convinced me that he and I could go by ourselves and shoot the guns without anyone watching. I am glad he did. First shot ever with a shotgun I hit a skeet. First 20 shots ever with a 22 rifle I had a 1" group. After that I was hooked. So my first gun I bought a Remington 870 Express youth model since I am pretty small, and after I killed my first turkey with it I emailed the pic to the Wildlife and Parks guy so he would know they were successful in getting me to shoot.

    Now I have a Browning Buckmark, Ruger Mark III, Remington 870, Remington 243 BDL, SP-101 .327 and a Ruger LCP. This chit is addictive. And I have a wish list.
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    Very nice story. My daughter was a not want to shoot girl too until we took her ot a range and started her on small rounds and moved her up. Before the day was done she shot everything we all had. And was hitting a 6" target arounf 150 yards with an AR. I got her a 226 Sig for her last birthday (19). :)
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    Girls and guns

    Your gun collection is very good and covers all the choices. I am proud of you. Sometimes it just takes the right way to teach to gain a students trust.
    I have had good luck with my students because I never force them to shoot a gun. Rather I explain what will happen and how it will feel and how you do each part of loading and aiming and gently pulling the trigger while keeping the sights aligned. Once they understand the whole act and their part in it, they usually will be ready to try at least.
    I had one little girl that was scared of the gun we had for her to qualify with. (in a Hunter Safety Class) So after I had explained everything to her she still wasn't convinced that the gun wasn't going to hurt her somehow. So I did an old trick, I remembered my Drill Instructor in Basic training did. I put the gun stock up to my chin and pulled the trigger (naturally the gun was aimed down range and I barely hit the target at 50 ft) Kind of hard to aim that way. But you ought to see her eyes when I did that. I think she kept expecting me to fall down dead or something. Instead I just smiled (it was only a single shot .22 rifle) and told her that I bet she could hit the target better than me if she held the rifle with the butt stock on her shoulder and aimed real good. I handed her the rifle and showed her again how to load it and where the safety was and she put it on her shoulder and closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. Would you believe that she hit the target? YES she did. I asked her if it hurt and she said that she hardly felt anything. So I told her she still had 9 rounds to go and this time keep your eyes open. And winked at her. She grinned and was already loading the rifle and ready to shoot before I could turn her over to the range officer. And yes the other 9 shots hit the target in the middle. After the range was shut down and the targets brought back to the shooters you could hear her scream even through the muffs. "I DID IT! I OUT SHOT THE INSTRUCTOR!
    Things like that are what makes memories in your older years.I have a barrel full of good memories to mull over from my Hunter Safety Instructor years.
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    new shooter

    great job with the youth, I've been introducing little ones to shooting for forty years. In the last four months Ive given three guns to young ones I mentor, one a .223 Interarms mini mauser, one a H&R handi rifle in 30-30 with an extra 20 ga. barrel and the third, a just-turned 8 year old, a Marlin 25Y single shot with a Simmons 22 mag scope. Great kids, each one, and fun to work with.
    Someday they will protect our 2nd amendment rights when I'm long gone.
    Keep up the good work.
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    Good job, Sarge. Granddaughter (the Anarchist in Training) has been shooting with me for 4 years now. She will be the little girl down at the end with the bull barreled target rifle, and the deliberate sling. When she first started, she was small enough that she shot sitting position- on top of the benchrest. Tell her you think it's cute, she will smile, and ask if you would like to place a small bet on the next shot group. :p
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    Most excellent story Sarge! Keep em' coming.

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    Sarge, I am pretty new to the forum however after reading your story and the responses of the other members I can honestly say for the first time that someone over the internet that I have never met has earned my respect. I want to thank all of you for the opportunity to hear your examples of how you can and will keep this great sport going through the years.
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    Sir; Not only do I enjoy your stories; I get to learn:) Thanks:)
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    junior shooters

    Good job your grand daughter is doing. Nice groups and she is dressed out properly. She could pose for an ad in the American Rifleman.
    My grand daughter was 16 yrs old before I ever got to see her. It was her Uncle (my youngest son) that persuaded her to go to the range with us. We started her on .22's and worked up to 9mm. She loved the 9mm L and shot about 100 rds that day. For Her 21st Birthday I gave her a nice little 38 sp. snub nose revolver as it would fit in her purse better. She was soooo Happy.
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    The key point here, is that Sarge gave her every opportunity to have her bluff called (if that's what it had been). Then, when her requests were repeated and backed up with words that implied understanding, the teacher allowed the student to proceed.

    I loved the story. For the record I have no desire to fire anything bigger than a .44mag from a handgun.

    She's got balls!
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    Great stories all. My father in law teaches hunter education here in Colorado as well sarge. In fact, he taught me not too long after I started dating his daughter.
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    Place your bets

    My eyes are not as good as they use to be. I stopped placing bets on my son's shooting a long time ago. Lordy that young man is good with a gun. I used to be able to beat him every time with a pistol and most of the time with a shotgun, but he shines with a rifle.
    Recently he took up the pistol in earnest and with the new Ruger MKII .22 that he got for his 21st birthday he put up a target of a elk (8 1/2" X 11") and shot at 25 yrds at it. After he finished it he gave the target to me (it is on the wall in the shop) It said below a hole in the target "Dad I owe you 2 boxes of ammo" He had shot 100 rounds into a group about 2" in dia. It was just a big hole not a group. So now I don't bet with him at all.
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    Hunter Ed

    It looks like you got into the right family. I introduced my wife to guns on our second date. I will post that story some day.
    My wife (Lt. Linda) is my favorite subject to write about. I have written about 125 stories about her.
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    Well shucks, Thank you. I guess I can give all the credit to my folks who taught me good manners and respect to others.