Little Crow Gunworks brass trimmer Review

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    World's Finest Trimmers

    I bought one of these several years ago in 308,it also trims any other caliber in the 308 case family.
    If you trim a lot of brass like I do,these come in very handy.It's a very hardy unit,and trims cases fast and uniformly.
    I've used the LEE case trimmers for several decades,and they work great,but trimming 100's of cases,they take a toll on your hands/fingers installing and removing each case from the shell holder.
    The WFT trimmer is easy to adjust with two set screws,and once you have it set,you can trim a pile of cases in a matter of minutes using a drill/cordless drill.

    The only negative I have with these trimmers is it adds a step for chamfering/deburring the cases over what I do with the Lee trimmers.
    With the Lee trimmers,I can trim,chamfer,and deburr the case without removing the case from the shell holder.
    With the WFT,you hold the case with your hand,and trimming the case is all you can do.Then you have to chamfer/deburr in a separate step.

    They came out with a new version of the WFT trimmer,and I just received it today. It's an upgrade to the first version,you can swap out the bushing in the bearing to trim any caliber that they make the bushings for.
    I ordered the 223 bushing,as well as the 30/06 bushing.
    It's easy to swap out the bushings,and they are as true cutting as the original.I trimmed over 100 223 case in just a few minutes with this trimmer tonight 2.html

    These trimmers aren't cheap,but they work really good,and for guy's that shoot a lot of brass,and in several different calibers from the same case families,they do save time and pain in your hands over other methods of case trimming

    I give the Little Crow Gunworks WFT trimmers a big thumbs up!!!