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    Without a place to shoot, a gun may be a good paperweight. Would like to suggest that if you have a good place to shoot, you post it here. Will start the ball rolling with a couple-
    Colorado- used to be a member of the Ben Lomond Gun Club. Membership fees reasonable, they are the State Rifle Assoc, and have a 500 acre range out near Kiowa, CO. Run a google search on their name.

    Virginia- Public- Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries- Wildlife Management Area ranges- Free. Check the state website, not all WMA's have ranges. Some are rifle shotgun only (no pistols) max 100 yds, open only part of the year.

    Virginia- Private- I belong to Black Creek Shooters Assoc. Located about 10 miles from Richmond VA airport. Dues $100/yr. Open 7 days/week. 4 ranges, rifle, pistol, shotgun (full auto allowed one day/week) max 100 yds. On site gunsmith. Covered bench rests, trap shooting. No tracer or exploding ammo (fire hazard) Bring your own ammo/ targets. Family friendly (Granddaughter is an associate member- $15/ yr, or $5/day for guest accompanied by member)

    So- whatcha got where you live?
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    Knob Creek Gun Range in south Louisville, Ky.

    Knob Creek Gun Range (KCR) is open year around for your shooting enjoyment and memberships are available for a reasonable fee. We carry a full line of guns and gun related supplies and equipment. Including handguns, rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, ammunition, targets, scopes& mounts, reloading supplies, magazines, KCR t-shirts, and other souvenirs.

    In addition to our regular day to day range activities we also host a The World's Largest Machine Gun Shoot and Military Gun Show twice a year. Once in April and the other in October. This event is a must see for any gun enthusiast, showcasing full auto military weapons from around the World. There is also a gun show that takes place in the Pole Barn at the rear of the property as well as several shooting competitions. People come from all over the World to visit and/or take part in our Machine Gun Shoot. The scrolling marquee below our logo is the date of our next shoot. Come check it out!
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    There are a bunch of ranges around, but I shoot at the Genesee Conservation League. It's a pretty nice place, but the fees are a little high. A buddy is trying to get me to join Four Point Gun Club, but right now, it's mostly trap and skeet, and I'm looking for a rifle range.

    What would be extremely good to know is where you can legally shoot on public land.
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    The Missouri Conservation Dept . has several free unmanned ranges on the public land it controls and some manned that you must pay a hourly fee to shoot at .

    August A. Bush Memorial and Antire road are the 2 manned ones I know of , William R. Logan , Reifsneider , and Deer Run have unmanned + many others , you can go to the website and look at area Regs and services available as well as Dload and print out the maps .

    You can also call them and request a copy of the "Discover Missouri Outdoors" Map and it is 100% free . It Lists areas for boating , fishing , hunting , hiking , camping etc. etc .
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    Call or visit your local BLM or Forest Service office.