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light weight scope

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Have decided on a Tikka T3Lite .270 but am wondering a bout a light weight scope; see all kinds of scopes out there but few of them say how much they weigh! The Tikka comes with mount/rings. Any ideas?
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Hell, I know it comes with mounts and ring; in fact they are already on the rifle; I have it laid away. I kind of favor variables but on this one I'm looking at saving weight. My pre-64 (was Dad's) has a fixed 3 power, it is .270; Ruger #1 has a variable also .270. One .308 has a fixed 4; the other a variable; 3006 has a fixed. Just got a red dot for a Ruger .44 mag lever action. Have others but am primarily concerned with weight; went elk hunting for first time in a few years and found as I have gotten older, my rifles have gotten heavier. By the way I was hunting in The Big Horns since I live in Wyoming, too!
Was Hunting out of Hyattville; used to live on the West now over the mountain but still hunt Paintrock, etc. Found I carry the rifles a lot more than I shoot them so weight has become a factor; realize there is probably only a few ounces difference in scopes but was wondering if anyone else had dealt with light weight scopes; guess I'll pick a good scope and not worry about it. Hell my wife has a 3030 with an old 2-7 Redfield on it; yeah, I know but her ex set that up.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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