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    I believe Winchester makes the light magnum loads in standard rifle calibers. How is it possible to obtain mag like performance in say a 6.5 swede or 30.06 without increasing powder charge, chamber pressure etc? I personally have never fired this ammo since I "roll my own". Never heard of anyone chronographing this ammo either. So if it is true, how is it done. I've read over and over about the dangers of trying to "magnumise" a standard rifle round and have never loaded my ammo beyond maximum. In fact I water down 5% or more from max. This ammo isn't chear either. 6.5 swede @ $25.00 bucks a box!

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    Factory loads are usually well below sami safe loadings. What they do is add a little powder just keeping closer to the upper limit but still in safe range. In order to market to hunting types the word "magnum" is easier to sell than the +p and +p+ they use to market pistol ammo to the mall ninja types.

    Yeah there is a minute benefit but the practical benefit over a srandard load is pretty close to zero.

    Its a good marketing strategy

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    You are correct! One should never exceede the maximum load data information given by the manufacturer. They are there for two reasons. The first being safety and the prevention of distruction of the weapon and injury or worse to the shooter. The other reason is that they also may determine that any load hotter will also not be accurate! We also know from experience that the peak accuracy load generaly is somewhere between the bottom and the top specified powder charge data for most calibers. Most of the so called short mag rifles are designed for the short action receivers and termed as "Short Mag" meaning simply they are getting a larger caliber's performance from a smaller or shorter cartridge. For example the Winchester 300 Short Mag. It's chamber is designed to handle the shorter cartridge which is fatter and shorter than the origingal 300 Win Mag or 30-06. But produces a considerable amount of terminal ballistics which is impressive. Moral of the story! Need a Short Mag Rifle save your pennies or trade for one. Good luck on your research! :)

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    Hornaday "Light Magnum" ammo is loaded with a proprietary propellant that enables increased velocity with out increased pressure. IMHO there is little reason to increase the power level of the cartridge. A .30-06 is plenty of rifle for any game in the lower 48. If you want to hunt Kodiak or Polar bears in Alaska, get a bigger rifle (like a .338 Win Mag).