Light loads and the AR-223 ?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Bohlmann, Aug 18, 2009.

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    I have a DPMS sweet 16 .223

    I have loaded some light loads

    13.7 grains of blue dot
    40 grain nosler bullet

    The load is accurate and I would like to shoot it in the gun but it will not cycle the action. About every fifth round will eject but not receive the next round.

    I could change the load for more gas pressure but would like to use this round in this gun and my cz527-.223

    There must be a way to mod the gas block on the AR so it would use the loads.

    Increasing the size of the gas port in the barrel is only a thought that I am not willing to try without some real hands on advice.

    The result of increasing the size of the gas port hole would result in more pressure that could then be reduced with a adjustable gas block for the heavy loads.

    Like I said, this is just my thoughts and I have not tried the above.

    Has anyone heard of a solution for the light loads, for the AR recycling issue..........RIck
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    If you want to shoot light loads, get yourself a .22LR conversion/upper. There's NO WAY I'd recommend enlarging the gas port size in order to shoot squib loads. You DO realize that even if it was safe, it would render that barrel useless for full power 5.56 rounds.

    If you want an adjustable gas system, go with the Ruger SR-556.
    Ruger SR-556™ Autoloading Rifle (SR-556FB) Overview


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    Bohlmann, welcome to the forum, now where's your manors son? Jumping up all in here with that question. Please go introduce yourself in Introduction thread, so we can get to know you better. :)

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    Be very cautious when using pistol powders in rifles. Low load density can be a recipe for disaster. If the powder fills less than 80% of the case, you have a potential of a Kb (Kaboom). Some will say you should point the muzzle up and strike the stock or side of the receiver before firing to settle the powder toward the base of the case (and against the primer flash hole). I prefer to use a dacron filler to keep the powder positioned properly.

    You will likely not get this or any other safe Blue Dot load to cycle an AR because the pistol powder pressures peak too early and will not send sufficient gas pressure down the gas tube.

    I would strongly advise against using pistol powder in a rifle unless you are a VERY experienced handloader and are willing to accept a blown up rifle eventually. I blew a Mini-14 up about 24 years ago and stopped the practice of loading pistol powder in rifles cases.