Light Duty Clamp On Vise

Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by priell3, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. priell3

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    I needed a vise to work on my guns and other little jobs, especially my AR style rifle.

    Picked up this Pony 13025 3-Inch Light Duty Clamp On Vise
    from Amazon for around 20 bucks. (I had some credit so only paid about $6 for it.)


    I tested it as soon as I got it. It clamps securely to the workbench and held the rifle tight as I was wrenching on it. I'm going to add some rubber to the jaws to protect the surface of my projects.

    Nice little investment if you need a vise for small projects.
  2. Point6liter

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    I bought one that is very similar in design I believe from Lowes. It's made by Irwin, works great for working on my AR's, pistols, knives, and various other projects. Think I paid 15-25 bucks for it I don't remember but it was totally worth it. I live in an apt and have a built in desk kind of in the corner of my place that I use as my "work bench" for all of my projects. I'm sure my neighbors love when I'm punching out dovetailed sights, pins in and out, cutting and grinding with a dremel, and torquing barrel nuts and doing other task that create a good amount of noise that I'm sure resonates pretty bad since the desk is built into the wall. Gotta do what ya gotta do

  3. JonM

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    i got a bolt on vice that i got from menards (local version of lowes but cheaper) for 20$ on sale got a couple of spots i drilled holes for it.

    my work space doesnt have edges to clamp those to so i just drill holes heh
  4. John_Deer

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    I have a wood vise that is built like like a bar clamp. The vise is light and easy to set up. I just set my vise up on a two foot piece of 2x12. The vise is mostly used for gun cleaning and light repairs. If I need something more sturdy to remove a pin I just use a press. I am not going to beat on stuff.
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