life of 22 ammo

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  1. hideit

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    i just discovered that i have about 250 rounds of remington golds in the attick over the garage
    they must be 15 years old
    do you think they will still work?
  2. deadin

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    How hot does the attic get in the summer?

  3. rickrem700

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    shelf life of ammo

    I have fired so ammo that is older than dirt and it worked, One day about 20 years ago one of my younger sons droped a 22 cal round in a bottle of Hopps solvent while I was cleaning some of my rimfires, I remember yelling at him and sending him out of the room, well, me saving everything and always buying more than I am ever going to use in a life time, it got pushed back into deep storage, every once in a while I would come accross that bottle and look at it and think back to that day and think, Iwounder if that round would fire, and put it back, well about a week ago I was breaking in a new barrle and grabed a bounch of partial bottles of solvent and rememberd to grab that one and see what 20 years of sitting in solvent would do to a 22 round, I pretty much had it in my head that it was not going to fire, I loaded the round in my single action Ruger pulled back the hammer and let it drop, And sure as sh$$ that thing went off, I was amazed, The only ammo I have ever had continious problems with are old paper shotgun shells, I'm thinking they absorb moisture much easyier.
  4. 1984cj

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    I am still shooting Remington Kleenbore ammo out of the red and green boxes. That stuff must be between 40 and 60 years old. Still goes bang with the regularity of the new stuff. I know that it has not been store in an optimal environment all of its life :)
  5. rimfirerukus

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    I have fired a lot of 22 ammo that is very old and never had a problem. The only time I ever experienced a problem with old ammo was about 25 years ago I had bought a Colt Police Positive and some ammo that was purchased with the gun in the 1920's. It was Western 38 special (Oilproof). The gun is long gone but I still have the box of shells. Anyway when the stuff was fired it made for a little more kick than one would expect for a 38 special and seemed to send a lot of sparks out the barrel. :eek:
  6. robocop10mm

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    Life of .22 ammo

    .22 ammo has a problem with the priming. The priming compound will dry out, become brittle and fall out of the rim into the case. You will get inconsistant ignition as a result. Center fire primers also dry out but the priming compound cannot go anywhere. They tend to stay good longer.
    As long as the centerfire ammo is stored in proper conditions (air tight climate controlled) it should last many generations. Rimfire will last nearly as long if it is not bounced around. The vibration will cause the priming compound to break loose.
  7. BlueXJ

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    Im 60 and still have a case or two that my father bought at an auction when I was less than a teenager. I fire off a box about once every 4-5 years and never have I had a misfire. So long story short---my opinion is 22s last a long long time if properly stored.
  8. Righteous

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    if it aint green shoot it
  9. deerhuntguy

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    and if it is green clean it with some never dull THEN shoot it!

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    ammo aged

    I have the remains of a box of semi smokeless I will try out,that has to be in late 30s its unmarked box.I will post if it fires.makes alot of smoke. :D :rolleyes:
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    I have a couple of boxes of Remington 22 LR that has a solid dark green box, with white Kleenbore lettering, and copper cases, that all fired and shot really good at 50 yards. This stuff was probably from the 50's. I also have some "Hi-Speed" Golden bullets in the red and white boxes from the early 70's (I think) that actually out shot new Remington Goldens, with no misfires. The new production stuff had 2 misfires in 100 rounds. On a side note, I have shot centerfire ammo that was about 100 years old. I had gotten a bucket full of old ammo from a guy I worked with from when he cleaned out his uncle's house out when he died. Had a bunch of .38 S&W's, so I shot them in my Enfield .38. It went like this- bang,bang,bang, Boom! White smoke, bang,bang. All rounds fired, and some were old enough to be black powder rounds yet!!!