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    I wasn't entirely sure where to put this so Mods; feel free to move it to somewhere more appropriate if needed.

    Below is a table showing the genuine reasons that need to be provided to obtain certain Firearm Licence Categories in New South Wales.

    Genuine Reasons Table

    Note: no personal/property defence genuine reason :eek:

    I have a Cat A/B Licence for Recreational Hunting/Vermin Control. I paid $600 for a 5 year long licence after undergoing a Police criminal and mental health background check, a firearms safety test and providing a stat dec declaring my genuine need. A Permit To Acquire (PTA) is required to be filled out prior to purchase of your first firearm, and after a 30 day cooling off period :mad: it is processed and delivered back to you allowing the purchase of ONE firearm, only from the category of your licence. Subsequent firearm purchases still require a PTA to be submitted, but the 30 day cooling off period is negated.

    I'm probably part of the minority here, but apart from the exorbitant cost of the licence and the PTA PITA, I believe that all of the above requirements are entirely reasonable. Put simply, there are some people who I do not want firearms to be accessable to! I do however think that Cat C could be under Cat A and 'D' under 'B'. I do not see the need for differentiation in licencing between auto loaders and firearms that require the user to cycle the action. A bolt-action is just as deadly in the wrong hands as a semi-auto, and the background check should ensure that NO firearm gets delivered into the wrong hands in the first place..

    Just thought you guys might like to know what we have to go through to obtain what you are constitutionally entitled to!
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