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Liberal Radio Host Gets Owned By Callers

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This is a local liberal radio show host who brings up a new gun store that opened in a very wealthy suburb of Silicon Valley where no gun stores have operated for around 30 or 35 years. This new store, Templar Sports of Los Gatos , has caused a firestorm of controversy recently with its opening shortly after the Newtown Massacre. Callers overwhelmingly support the new store, much to the host's surprise.:D

(Note: Gun store segment begins at 10:50, but the preceding discussion was interesting to me as well. Following the discussion on Templar I turned off the radio as the subject lost my interest)
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Great! Obviously normal, well-adjusted people telling the "banner" radio turkey that they have no problem with a gun store in town. He sure wasn't expecting that. Maybe the "news" outlets are failing in their ongoing effort to convince us "naive" members of the public that everybody wants guns banned. :cool:
That host comes from KGO Radio which stupidly changed its format awhile back and has been in the tank ever since. He is actually a bit more conservative on this station (KKSF). KKSF picked up a bunch of their hosts. Before that it was pretty conservative, now it is a mix. I actually like the mix better because it sort of balances things. If all you listen to is the one side then you have nothing to balance it with.
I honestly think people try to make these claims to get views etc etc. The point is simple: stop treating us like criminals.
I honestly think people try to make these claims to get views etc etc. The point is simple: stop treating us like criminals.
The one caller made that point and the host sort of blew him off, but yes, that is what annoys me is that the anti-gunners say that a gun owner is a hairs breadth away from shooting up a kindergarten and nothing could be farther from the reality of it. I can say with absolute and complete confidence that every single gun owner I know agrees on one thing and that is that we condemn outright the criminal use of firearms in any way, shape or form. I think that we are all unanimously agreed in that.

(Note that I said "criminal", not "illegal". The distinction being that there are many things that are against the law in regards to firearms, but many of those laws are themselves arguably illegal- I don't mean to split hairs though:cool:).
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