Lever Action AR15 in .30 Carbine?

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    I dunno guys, I've never seen or heard of this before, but apparently it exists to work around semi auto bans in foreign countries? Opinions ? Could this be where we will be heading in this country? This has got to be a joke....right?

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    Now that's just stupid.

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    Is it just me, or does that remind anyone else of the "childproof" features on the cheapo lighters? I mean the kind which require the user to push a button before spinning the striker. In short, half-arsed.
  4. ScottG

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    Looks like a joke to me. However, in a Big 5 store earlier this year I did see a pump ak clone chambered in .223..... :confused:
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    thats enough to make me sick:( and i just got done eatin:mad:
  6. jonbooty

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    It's real!

    Hi Guys

    The rifle you are looking at is in 30 carbine and it is intended for gallery range work.
    In the UK we are not allowed semi-auto rifles other than .22 rimfire or handguns of any sort other than black powder revolvers. The only other revolver we are allowed is termed a 'long barrel revolver'. The barrel must be a minimum of 12" and the overall length must be two feet. This is achieved by fitting a welded-on wrist brace to the base of the pistol grip.
    Anyway, back to the lever action AR15, these can be found on the following site-

    Southern Gun Company, manufacture custom AR15 rifles, parts and accessories.

    You'll find other variants there too, all manual operation to get round our **** gun laws.

  7. jonbooty

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    It's real!

    Hi Guys

    The rifle in question looks like its a product of Southern Gun Company here in the UK. It is, as you rightly point out, in 30 carbine and has un underlever cocking mechanism.

    Southern Gun Company, manufacture custom AR15 rifles, parts and accessories.

    Over here we are not allowed semi-auto rifles except in .22LR.
    We are also not allowed handguns. Therefore most of our pistol competitions are now shot with gallery rifles. Our definition of a gallery rifle would be a carbine length rifle chambered in a pistol calibre.
    Most common types are western-style underlevers although bolt-action rifles are also common. The rifle above is an example of our gunsmiths' ingenuity in working round our draconian laws and is OK for use in such competitions.
    Obviously, the calibre also has appeal for use in practical type shooting up to about 300 yards.
    I know it sucks, but it's the best of a bad job for us shooters here in the UK!

    By the way, I never voted for 'em!

    -Jon, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England.
  8. Gus556

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    This is a prime example of why you cant be tolorant of stupid legislation!!!
  9. Rockhopper

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    Hello everyone.

    I just felt a need to explain how the UK got to where it is with firearms legislation

    We had a nutjob called Michael Ryan who ran amok in Hungerford with a semi auto Ak47 back in the mid eighties, so the government banned semi auto centerfire rifle in the UK.
    It turned out none of the guns he had with him were leagally owned but because he had a licence the blame fell at our feet.

    Then in the mid nineties we had another called Thomas Hamilton who ran amok at a primary school in Dunblane Scotland.
    He was a suspected peadophile but was still granted a firearms licence, go figure.

    This occured at a time of general ellection in the UK and the Labour party under Tony B-Liar used this tragic incident as leverage to win votes.
    One of the few election promises they actually kept was to ban semmi auto centerfire hanguns in the UK.

    The media are ruthlessly anti gun in the UK and any incident is promptly plastered on the news followed by a previously unknown action group yelling for a total gun ban.
    You even need to be registered to own an airsoft BB gun in the UK for pitty sake.

    So at present we can own bolt action or Manually operated centerfire rifles, semi auto .22LR rifles 2ft long revolvers, black powder firearms, air rifles at 12ftlb air pistols at 6ftlb ,thats it.
    Oh and we are under strict conditions of use, only allowed to carry to and from a range or gunsmiths and when used over land to hunt game its a good idea to inform the local police in case some well meaning person gets the armed response out on you (our version of swat)

    But its not all doom and gloom.
    Take heed.

    RH in sunny and currently snowy Manchester England.
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    Welcome, Rockhopper to the forum. Why not stop by the introductions area and tell us a little about yourself. :)