leupold vx-l

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  1. moos420

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    is this a better scope then the rest of the leupold range i was looking at getting the mark 4 or the vx-3. is it worth spending the extra money and having the drop in the scope.

    ps is it postible to convert the standerd windage and elavation nobs to tactical ones.

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  2. cpttango30

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    They are all of the same quality with the mk4 being a bot more rugged. The reason behind the notch out is to allow you to have a massive objective lens allowing more light in to the scope but allowing you to use med height rings and keep your cheek weld on the stock good. The closer the the mid line of the scope is to the mid line of the bore the more accurate the set up is. Thus cutting the notch and keeping a 56mm objective as close to the rifle aids in over all accuracy of the rig.