Leupold vs. Nikon

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    I would like to get some input on the best scope to put on my RRA AR1277. I have been looking at both Leupold and Nikon. Specifically the Leupold Mark AR - model #67170 vs. Nikon M-223 - model #8485.

    I am not dead set on either of these but after looking around they seem to be pretty nice for up close and mid range shooting which is what I am looking for. If anyone has an opinion I would love to hear it. Thanks in advance!
  2. lonyaeger

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    I had a Nikon M223 on my AR and sold it. In my uneducated opinion, the hype about matching the scope to the ballistics is a bunch of hogwash that I fell for. The EOTech went back onto the AR and will stay there.

    I think any suitable scope will work fine on an AR. I think those marketed as AR-specific are gimmicky.

    But I could be wrong and I can't be sure.

  3. JonM

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    Ive got both leupold and nikon choosng tween thetwo i would go leupold if the money for a better brand like nightforce wasnt there.

    Up to 300ish yards pretty much anyting with decent clear glass will do. The 556 doesnt really drop much with a 100yd zero till after 200 yds.

    Just my 2 primers worth take it for what its worth
  4. Gordo323

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    I had a Leupold VX- II on my Remington 700 7mm. I bought a Nikon and liked the glass better than the Leupold, so the Nikon is now on my 700 and the Leupold is now sitting on my Marlin model 60. :confused:
    Both good scopes, but I just liked the view thru the Nikon a little better. Everybody's eyes are different!
  5. cpttango30

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    Nikons Monarch Line are great scopes I have 2 of them and love them. I have not used any others. Leupolds VX-II line in my eyes SUCKS. I would not buy anything lower than a VX-III or VX-3 they are worth the money.

    Again I don't use or want anything like the two scopes your looking at.

    My RRA PPR is topped with a 6-24x50mm Nikon Monarch with Side Focus. My Rem 700 VLS is topped with a Monarch UCC 6.5-20x42mm I traded a 6-18x40mm Leupold VX-II for that nikon and I'm glad I did.

    Best thing to do is look at both side by side at a gun store and take them outside and look through them at items that are in the range you are wanting to shoot. Looking through scopes in a store does nothing for you.
  6. bman940

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    Nikon M-223 line of scopes

    Gunzilla, Great handle by the way.
    I have been a big fan of the Nikon M-223 line of scopes as well as their BDC reticle. In the name of full disclosure, I have been doing some work for Nikon Sport Optics for the past 7 months. I have been using a
    Nikon M-223 3-12x42SF Rapid Action Turret since I first had the opportunity to buy one. I demo'd one on stock DPMS .223's at a private 600 yard range in Oklahoma. Let me tell you, when I went 5 for 5 hitting a 10 in. steel gong at 600 yards I was sold. Before that I was a max 300 yard shooter with my Savage .223 bolt action, not any more. Now that Nikon has their Spot On Ballistic Program for folks to use for FREE at Nikonhunting.com, I think my accuracy is even better.
    Just so you know, it's not just me either. Last summer I had the opportunity to join some guys who had never used a Nikon BDC reticle scope and these guys shot everything from 22LR's to .300 Win Mag's. The centerfires were shot out to 600 yards and watching the expressions on these guys faces as the tannerite exploded was priceless.
    Just some added info as well. Nikon has a big Promotion going on till the end of May, Buy a M-223 scope from a PARTICIPATING dealer and get a FREE M-223 AR scope mount. $99 retail value. Pretty nice.
    I hope this info helps?
    Feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions.
  7. lonyaeger

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    ***Brazen self-promotional plug***​
  8. bman940

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    Just tryng to let folks know that just because one person says something is hogwash doesn't necessairly make it so. I defintely do not classify myself as a great shooter but I can tell you for a fact the BDC reticle on my Nikon scopes including the M-223 series scopes do work. The proof is in my freezer every year.
    As for the letting folks know about how to get a free Nikon M-223 AR Mount,
    Who doesn't like a deal? In fact other guys I have let know about this promotion have been thankful.
    I certainly did not intend for my post to be anything but informative and for you taking offense, my sincerest apologies.
  9. lonyaeger

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    No apology required, but many vendors here have ponied up money for vendor status. It appears you have not.

    And I agree that one man's hogwash may not be for another. I have no problem with you defending the product. I have three or four Nikon scopes that I use a lot, and I love them. It is my opinion, though, that scopes tailored specifically for the AR are nothing more than a marketing ploy.
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  10. bman940

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    I wasn't aware that I needed to pay to make a post Lon.
    I was just looking over this site and saw a post that I thought I could make a worthwhile contribution too. Like you said, we all have opinions and I would not even begin to try and sway you from yours. When it comes to scopes for many it's like Ford and Chevy, I drive Ford Trucks, My choice. You might like Chevy, I'm ok with that, I'm not going to try and change you from something that works for you.
    Thank you for the reply.
  11. lonyaeger

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    Bart, I tried to answer your PM, but I hit the "reply" button after I wrote it and a window popped up that said your were unable to accept PMs.

    Anyway, here's what I said:

    "I'm not really that annoyed, Bart, but I think that what's fair should be fair. I see your post as someone who works for Nikon trying, maybe indirectly, to sell Nikon products. That's the only beef I have with you. I see others who have paid for vendor status trying just to scrape together a living. I hope you can understand that.

    Regarding Nikon itself....I LOVE Nikon products. I have always shot with Nikon cameras, I now use a D7000 and have several Nikon lenses as well that I love. Best bang for the buck in the business, in my opinion, in both DSLRs, point and shoots, and riflescopes.

    And I own 15 rifles, from middle-end all the way up to high-end. FIVE of them are wearing Nikon scopes...only one Zeiss, two Swaros, and a few Leupolds. So Nikon tops my rifles more than any other!

    Not trying to be an ***, honestly....but I have always been a champion of the people!

    Peace, and I have no quarrel with you, you seem like a nice guy....."
  12. bman940

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    It's all good. I do not try to sell even though what I may say might influence someone to buy a Nikon scope. I don't suggest any specific retailer though I do see Grab-a-Gun is a vedor that carries Nikon optics so they would be someone your members should patronize if they are so inclined.
    Thanks for the kind words about your Nikon Scopes as well. As I said before, your opinion is valued and respected here. I was just participating in the thread.
    Thank you again for taking the time to respond to my posts.
    I think I fixed the PM issue by the way.
    I am always available to field Nikon related questions or service issues too.
    Nikon Pro Staff
  13. gr8fuldoug

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    Hello all,
    FWIW, Bart works in conjuction with us on many of the forums that we participate on. He's a good guy looking out for and supporting the shooting community with insight and product knowledge.
    IMO, he responded to a post in an informative manner. He in no way hijacked a thread with non topic sales BS as I've seen done time and time again on the forums.
    Feel free to PM Bart or me with any issues or questions on product and we will do our best to assist you.

    *BTW, that "FREE M-223 AR scope mount" promotion is a pretty sweet deal and I am sure that not everyone who views this thread knew about it before he mentioned it.:)
  14. freefall

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    I like Leupolds. Made in America, guaranteed forever. I looked through a Zeiss once. It was better. $1500 better?:cool: