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Leupold Mark AR Scopes

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What do you all think of the Mark AR line of scopes from Leupold. Are they worth the difference in price in comparison to say the Nikons in the mid $200 range? My budget for a target scope is about $250 with mounts and all. But I saw the mark AR line and I'm wondering if it pays to hold out and save a bit more.
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i havent had great luck with leupold optics the last few years. but they do honor their warranty. both of the ones ive sent back have been repaired fairly promptly. they arent as rugged as their price point suggests they are in my opinion.

as for the mark AR series... i dunno i just think you can do better elsewhere leupold is off my buy list atm.
Glad I asked. I would have assumed that their quality would be worth the value. I am honing in on the Nikon p223. I think it will serve me purpose as a good medium range target scope for my PWS MK1, say from 50-200 yards. At least it won't hurt my pocket too much if I turn out to be wrong.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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