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Im with you Doc, once I retired, required by law because Im a Vet isnt in my vocabulary!

What do all these crimes have in common other than being carried out by whack jobs?

1) All were done in locations where the Chicken S4it Perpetrator could be certain that they would maintain 100% firepower superiority for at least as long as it took for 911 to bring in help, 15 to 30 minutes of free fire zone guaranteed!

There is no number 2 or 3 in the comparison because each and every one of them happened for a plethora of unconnected reasons in places that range from schools, park and playgrounds to the Twin Towers and Federal Buildings. The outcome is the only other comparison, Injured, Dead, Traumatized and permanently disenfranchised victims of violence but thats a given.

Everyone here does have the right Idea but it comes down to simple sensible law, anywhere anyone posts a sign that restricts our methods of Self Defense, they who put the sign up are 100% responsible for the security of anyone passing through those doors, 100%!

Kinda like when someone puts a Camera up near a pool or play-yard they own, your responsible to monitor it and react to emergencies, thats implied when someone sees a camera. If people arent expected to protect themselves in certain places, the expectation of protection becomes the responsibility of the owner and guardian of those premises, period, 100%.

Putting every last suspected nutcase in a rubber room, taking everyone's AW's, shredding all the HC "Clips" and banning bad intentions will not stop the carnage ever.

Trained, Armed, and reasonably compensated security details in each and ever place that restricts carry rights or prevents us from any type of self defense is the only thing that will. Nothing else will work period!

Plenty of inner city schools have done this and the incidents of mechanized terrorist attacks against our children in those places have dropped to nearly zero. Those that haven't made high security as their first priority every day have been corralling our lambs and just waiting for the slaughter, why wouldnt they point their fingers at anything but the responsible parties in the mirror? Maybe its because they are 100% complicit in these murders by not doing the reasonable things anyone with a brain would do to protect precious items, there is nothing more precious than our children!!!.

They are more worried about making sure our kids are having pleasurable sex that is safe than whether they make it back home alive....
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