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Switzerland: Neutral, and from what I hear, a great place to live. As long as you have layers on.

In Switzerland every male is required to serve in the Army for two years, and (I think) they're in the Reserves until they're 45 yrs old. After their active duty, they go home with their rifle, a SIG 550 (lately) capable of full auto fire. So, in virtually every Swiss household there is a select fire automatic assault rifle, or several, as you can pass them down over the generations. Ammo is provided by the government in most situations. When was the last mass shooting in Switzerland? That's a rhetorical question, of course. Why the difference between the U.S. and the Swiss? Obviously assault rifles have nothing to do with it (other than the fact that in both countries they provide an inhibitory effect against home invasions)!

More clues:

Societal Respect - that works
Health (incl. mental) care system - that works
Government - that works
Laws - that work

None of the above apply to the USA in it's current configuration.

We can learn a lesson here, and shouldn't be above doing just that.

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