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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by locutus, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. locutus

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    Over the years, I tried a number of optics on paramilitary rifles.

    Every "el cheapo" I've bought was a mistake.

    I am now firmly convinced that if I need a RDS for a fighting rifle, I will hold off and save up my money. For a RDS it will be an Aimpoint or EOTech. For a scope it will be an A.C.O.G.

    There are many less expensive optics out there, but I will save for a while and get the best.

    If I should ever (God forbid_) need to use the rifle for serious social shooting, these are far cheaper than a night in the emergency room or a funeral.
  2. hmh

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    I went with the eo 512 because of AA batteries main reason was 1 moa dot with 65 moa circle.

  3. Sniper03

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    I would also agree with HMH the model 512 EOTech is a good unit. I would suggest using Industrial AA Batteries in it. And one thing that people always complain about them. My battery went dead and I did not know why. Here is the scoop! If you look at the Reticle in the EOTech when you turn it on (Immediately when you turn it on!) it will warn you for ever that the batteries are going dead for hours. It has a 20% battery warning system in it. How it works is when you first turn it on if the batteries have 20% or less of service life left the Reticle will flash 5 times every time you turn the unit on until the 20% life has expired. The problem is the guys and gals start them in the low ready position and by the time they pull them up to eye level or look at the Reticle the warning has already stopped the notification and the Reticle is on solid again for service. Just a helpful hint! I also like them because in reality your eye can only detect an object of 1 MOA in size at 100 yards. Actually in reality the dot on the EOTech is 1/3 MOA but looks like 1 MOA to the eye as explained above. That is why when you put a 3X Magnifier on with the EOTech you still see the one MOA Reticle in the center. And it does not cover up any more target surface. You can also use the 65 MOA Ring for leads and other reasons like close in shots. Info only! Good luck on what ever you chooses.

  4. locutus

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    Goos info, sniper03.

    And even heeding your advice, I still cannot for the life of me understand anyone taking the field with ANY battery operated piece of equipment and failing to carry spare batteries.

    Even with the newer Aimpoints that have 5 year battery life, I wouldn't take the field without a spare battery.
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    I agree with using quality. I have an eotech 512 on my del-ton ar. I have a burris 3x9 on my mini-14, 30-06, and 243. You get what you pay for.