Lesson learned the hard way:

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  1. microadventure

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    We got a thread for everything else; we might as well share these

    I am collecting linux distributions. people make them with video and image software preinstalled ( ubuntu studio ), CNC software installed ( LinuxCNC ), et cetera.

    you can burn the ISO to a USB drive or a DVD. Do not burn an ISO to a USB drive. you end up with a non erasable, non formattable USB drive that can never be used for any other purpose. You can't even use them for skeet when you figure this out.
  2. danf_fl

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    If you plan to marry a girl, get to really know her mother. Not just how Mom looks, but her mannerisms, also.

    Watch how Mom handles Dad.

    This is what you have on your hands once you say "I do."
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  3. winds-of-change

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    Wow. Where do I begin...?
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  4. microadventure

    microadventure Well-Known Member

    make that how the whole family interacts. if there is a mamas boy in the mix, run.
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  5. locutus

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    Pay particular attention to whether or not her mother dominates her.

    If she insists that everything be done "the way momma did it" run like hell.
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  6. SGWGunsmith

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    You can always tell her that the "mushrooms" you picked in the yard taste much, much, better with lots of butter and garlic. [​IMG]
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  7. locutus

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    One of the most shocking things you can say to a new bride.

    Honey, I love you, but honestly I don't give a rat's arse how your mother did it.
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  8. Oldoutlaw

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    Well, I had to say exactly that to my wife. After a good month of thinking about what I said, she actually understood and quit acting like her Mom.
  9. c3shooter

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    Lesson learned at a tender age. You know that jelly type paint stripper?

    If you get paint on your hands, it is really a bad idea to squirt a blob of that stripper into your hands, and wash them in stripper.

    Lesson learned on enlisting- remove the word "but" from your vocabulary. "Butt" is fine- as in butt of a rifle, pulling targets in the butts, get your butt over here. The single T version- forget that it ever existed. Otherwise one day a Sgt. will tell you that you have done something that offends the Drill Instructor Gods, and before you know it, your mouth will open, and you will say "Yes Sgt, but....." At that point you are a dead man.
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  10. Mister Dave

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    My father told me that the word "but" means "Disregard what I just said." Sounds about right.

    That is so far from true with my wife thankfully, or the way I "handle" her.

    Pretty sure she wouldn't like to hear me use that word "handle". "Deal with" might not earn me a good punch in the shoulder though. ;)
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  11. ellis36

    ellis36 Well-Known Member Supporter

    "Put up with" comes to mind. However, my Loving Wife would have replied (with a smile) "That goes both ways, ***hole!" :):):)

    Ref the phrase "Yes, but".............. The "but" cancels the "yes."

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  12. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member Admin Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    I would shy away from a family that fights among themselves for years.
    I hate when people apologize like this; “I’m sorry, but…”. I used to do that but I don’t anymore. I apologize. If further discussion is needed, I’ll initiate that later.
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  13. RJF22553

    RJF22553 Well-Known Member

    Not sure how we jumped from Linux distributions and USB drives to M-I-L... I guess this is pure "surfing"...

    Regarding LINUX, I have several old machines I'd like to convert from a MS operating system to LINUX. Non-critical: old DOS 6.x, Win 3.x, and XP that are perfectly capable for my needs. I thought this thread might provide some insight or lessons.

    The first response concerned MILs and that path seems to have exploded. Surfing is GREAT!

    I'm more interested in the LINUX aspect, but have to address the MIL part. My first marriage lasted about four years. She was born/raised in Queens, NY and looked upon the rest of the nation as "hick-central". Aside from a few trips to her aunt in Philly, the furthest point west from there was one weekend ski trip to Vail. Her mother was the "breadwinner" in the family as a histologist. Her father (who I loved) was a nautical engineer and a great guy. But he didn't make as much as her mother, so he was the epitome of being a hen-pecked father. Even my future wife (and ex-wife) looked down on him. To be sure, he helped design the USS America...

    I never cared for her mother because of the way she treated her dad. Warning signs should have taken over, but I was young and in love...

    Our first duty assignment was to Fort Lewis, WA (near Tacoma). Our honeymoon was the trip from Queens there; her first time west of Philly on the ground. As we drove past Chicago with the sign "Chicago, Pop XXX" and we saw the skyline in the distance, she remarked "that's Chicago??? What a hick town, my high school had a greater population". I couldn't help but think how she would respond to Tacoma, WA...

    She was totally out of her element, living with rubes (what Hillary would later describe as "deplorables"). It was a shame she couldn't enjoy a part of the country (and wilderness). To be fair, she put up with that first assignment (more or less) and when we left for my advanced schooling and likely assignment to Germany, she opted out and filed for a divorce. Her Mom was very supportive for the divorce; her Dad not so much. But her Mom won out. I haven't seen her since 1979, and the only good thing from the "Union" was our dog - Lacey.

    In comparison, my second wife's mother was at first cautious, but then very accepting and welcoming. Her Dad was also, and quite impressed that I asked him for permission to marry his daughter, even though she was 50 at the time. A WW-II vet and quickly became a close friend.

    Yes, watch closely a future MIL - and FIL - but also understand some will break that mold. My parents were less than thrilled of my choice of my betrothed, but Dad at least understood my love (while he did not fully approve); Mom: not so much but kept quiet. Mostly.

    We've been married for 24 years of bliss.

    But still, what is the difference between a USB drive and a DVD when installing LINUX?
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  14. microadventure

    microadventure Well-Known Member

    $8 potentially reusable USB drive vs $.80 use once as a DVD drive and use a second time as a clay pigeon DVD
  15. TimKS

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    Yes, but.......... :eek:
  16. sheriffjohn

    sheriffjohn Well-Known Member Supporter

    I got lost when my floppy disks wouldn't work in my new computer. I thought Linus was a friend of Charley Brown. Probably why I like flintlocks.
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  17. W.T. Sherman

    W.T. Sherman Well-Known Member

    "if you do more then your fair share, you will always be told to do more then your fair share"

    it's sometimes referred to as "working a good horse to death"
  18. MisterMcCool

    MisterMcCool Well-Known Member Supporter

    If you help someone in their time of need, they will remember it in their next time of need. ;)
  19. microadventure

    microadventure Well-Known Member

    next lesson learned the hard way: last year I went through hell trying to get my Form 1099E - the W2 form for those with a pension. I moved from the big burg ( 9000 people ) to the country after I retired. I did not file a change of address with the people who handle my pension, because I get direct deposit and do not interact with them. The post office forwarded my 1099E once. next year, no sign of it. when I figured it out, I went through bureaucratic hell getting them to send it to me.

    this year I changed my address. they have a phone number on file for me. a work phone at a secure compound on a secure DoD facility. it's 40 miles away, and you can't get there from here when you sever your link.

    luckily, I used my ham radio callsign hotmail account, rather than my work account, so I eventually got it done, but I must have worked off some bad karma in the process.

    the cell phone number they had was for a Radio Shack flip phone that had no camera. It got run over by a truck. Walmart had a smart phone with internet access for a hundred bucks less, so I switched providers

    the thing is, when I moved, I lost contact with the pension company, so I had no idea who to contact. If I had no retired former coworkers in the area, I would never have gotten this straightened out.

    now I have to find out who sends the form that healthcare.gov keeps telling me they are going to send, and update them.
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  20. locutus

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    The girls all get prettier at closing time. You betcha!

    The lesson!
    If you're a single feller, going out to try and score a bed partner for the night, DON"T DRINK more than 1 or 2 beers.

    If you do, you might look at what you scored the next morning and try to chew your arm off to keep from waking her.o_Oo_O
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