Less Than Lethal?

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    If you were to carry a weapon of some sort that was less that lethal (knives not included)...

    1. What would you carry?

    2. What would your rules be for using it?

    3. How would you carry it?

    4. What would be the advantages of one type over another?


    Less Than Lethal

    Hello all

    RON L = Seresurplus

    1. I have and upon ocassion carry a spring Billy or a Colapasable baton, when a firearm is not allowed or not prudent! I think a good club, is a great weapon and it has saved my *** a few times, mostly over sea's, but some here in the good old USA!


    PS: Have tried Electric Stun Type devices, if ya gotta be that close, I'd chose the baton any time! I'm not including taser, as I have not tried that, and only see what I see on the COP shows!

  3. Brent L

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    Give me a 6 foot hardwood hiking staff. Even it could be lethal, however, it wouldn't stand up to a gun.
  4. JoeLee

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    I never did believe in a nonlethal defence if some fool wants to harm,I want to make sure it's down and not going to spring backup.
  5. XMPnPA

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    shotgun non-lethal

    I spent a year in Iraq.... and wished we had non-lethal bags for the 12 ga's. Would have been great for unruly crowds, vehicles that weren't listening, and many other situations that they would have come in handy!!!!

    Here in the states though..... if I can justify using a tazer gun, then either I could have gotten out of the situation, or I can justify using the .45. Either way not something I'd carry.
  6. matt g

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    I carry a steel framed 1911. If I want someone dead, I aim and squeeze. If I don't want them dead, but need to get a message across, I pistol whip the **** out of them.

  7. opaww

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    I like the tazer gun for non leathel because I like to watch them flop around on the side walk.
  8. XMPnPA

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    Good videos for opaww

    I have a video of about 60 of us taking tazer hits in 2004, while I was in the Army. I'll see if I can find it. If you have ever been tazered its an experience..... the weirdest part is seeing the waves of light that I saw in my mind with every clack of the tazer. Time slows and you feel like you could about count the ticks. Its in the beginning of one of my tapes, if i find it I'll try to get some of it on file to show you guys. It is pretty darn funny!!!!:eek:
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    What ever less-than-lethal devices one uses, or carries, it would be a good idea to get professional training and practice, practice, practice. During my career in coppery, I and other officers took the required annual, one-day "defensive tactics" training. We'd learn the latest approved moves using (through the years) the wooden baton (yes, I'm that old), plastic baton, metal baton, PR-24 Side Handled baton, and Asp collapsing baton. We'd learn the latest control holds and use them to throw our fellow officers around the gym, have fun, stop off for a beer, go home, wake up sore the next day and forget what we learned. When it came down to actually using what we learned, most often we (myself included) would revert to the good old Baseball Bat grip. If the case goes to court and the defense brings up excessive force, our training records became relevant evidence. On paper we were certified that we knew the approved moves, so the defense attorney would dramatically ask, "So officer, will you please tell the court why you did not use the prescribed and approved level of force?" That's when the jury's full attention is focused on what you have to say for yourself. Gulp!

    When I saw an officer get bent over and _______ for punitive damages and had to hock his house, we began taking the training seriously. :eek:

    The same can happen to anyone, cop or non-cop, using physical force with a less-than-lethal weapon or device. If you carry a gun, get proficient with it. Ditto for other weapons. If you carry them, learn the correct way to use them. Unlawful use of force does not only apply to cops.


    SGT-MILLER New Member


    Good point, and good info to know. Military types like me are in the same boat because of our training. I have to really be careful whether I use lethal or non-lethal force on anybody. A lawyer could have a field day with me if I'm not careful and smart.

    The aftermath is always much more painful than the actual confrontation.

  11. Rentacop

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    MattG -
    I hope you were kidding . Pistol-whipping is not normally wise because it puts your gun within snatching range of the bad guy, can be considered deadly force if you hit him in the head , and may not stop the assailant anyway .

    Even if you are serious about using force to " get a message across ", think of what could happen to someone who reads your comment and takes it as sound tactical advice .

    The law allows only the minimum force necessary to defend yourself or others . Deadly force is only allowed by law if you reasonably percieve an imminent threat to life or limb .

    The advantage of pepper spray, a club, a Taser, a Kubotan or a Mag-lite is that it can be used with less caution than a gun because it is unlikely to be deadly force . ( If you pull a gun to pistol whip someone, it might be assumed you intended to shoot him . )