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    Quick question that popped into my head this morning as I woke up. I know Police Officers carry their firearm openly, just off their hip, everywhere they go, even in my school. Now, I know that they have to keep their firearms licenses as well as all of their permits and documents up to date as an individual. But I was wondering whether or not that Open-Carry applies as well to the individual, because i've never seen an off-duty cop with their weapon chillin' on their side. Is it different per state? Just curious.
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    LEO carry at work the way they do because that's how they are supposed to. It's all part of the image of a person that is supposed to be in control and be an authority figure. An exposed weapon is also easier to draw. And LEO are much more likely to draw their weapon while on duty. Like many they don't want ot bring their work home and don't dress to any work standards. Many are required to still carry a weapon but they wouldn't want to deal with any unwanted attention. Their job as the authority figure ended with their shift (usually a pretty long shift at that).So they would want to blend in just liek the rest of the town that is not at work. Construction workers wear a hard hat at work. Should they when they are taking their family out to eat?

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    Haha, a very good point :D Didn't look at it in that light, thanks for the clarity.
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    I open carry when I am hunting with a handgun- only (Dang thing is too big to conceal without a tarp). In all other cases, I carry concealed- now that I am retired, with a permit, not a badge. In most cases, a LEO does not need a permit- his commission as an LEO grants him the privilege of carrying- concealed or otherwise.

    When off duty, why in the name of the Wide World of Sports would you advertise that you are carrying? A "Please shoot me FIRST" sign would be just as effective.
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    nwrednk/ concealed carry

    Ditto, the only time I might be caught in an open carry situation is when I am
    hunting big game & need to get a flat tire fixed (beyond my ability) at the
    first tire store or Wal-mart that I encouter! Last year I found myself in such
    a situation & The Post Falls Wal-mart "bent-over" backwards to help me!
    I was treated like a cop (in a good way) & sent back to my hunting camp
    when I was dressed in full camo with my sidearm hanging on my belt! No one
    made a comment other than a little boy in line as I purchased some
    "grub" in the checkout line as he asked his mother, "Cowboy"?! (I was wearing
    a grey wool cowboy hat @ the time)! "I smiled & said yes to him & her mum"!
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    Our policy says we are to be armed and badged 24/7 unless in a social setting where that would be innapprpriate (church, bar, swimming pool, etc).

    I work plain clothes and open carry but my badge and ID or on a chain around my neck. Some prefer the badge clipped to the belt, but I want a potential uniformed confrontation to be quickly defused when he sees my badge on his probable aiming poiont (Center of mass).
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    Open carry in California?

    Btw..."What the french toast" is this I heard briefly on the news about open-
    carry in CA?! It stated that open carry is allowed as long as the weapon is
    unloaded? Is this a joke?! (Talk about asking a perp to disarm you & steal your
    weapon)! An unloaded weapon is about as usefull as a rock & will do nothing
    "but arm a perp" when they steal it from you! (If it is known by them that the
    weapon is unloaded in that jurisdiction... then explain to me what the benefit
    of carrying one openly is)! Concealed pepper spray would be a better option
    imho...but that choice is probably banned there!:rolleyes: