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    Ok, so I know that pd's regulate the gear and equipment of their LEO's, but as I was hanging with a buddy the other day (off duty still in sheriff dept. clothing and gear) I noticed something. The depts here issue and only allow Glock 22s. But the holster he wears is HUGE! It pertrudes out from his body so far that his forearm can,lay between the backstrap and his waist. I was just thinking that's gotta make it harder to maneuver and flop to some extent during a run down. Plus the bulk being away from his body seems like it'd interfere pretty regularly. So why can't they put their men ( and women) with a holster that's a little bit more "petite", for the lack of better words. ?
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    Probably a level III retention holster. Designed with 3 different devices to prevent bad guys from snatching the officer's weapon.