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LEO ammo shortage, possible answer.

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Just saw on my local news where many LEA's are having trouble getting ammo for their Officers to train with. Here's my answer to this problem.
There are many semi-auto, C02 powered pellet pistols that look like and are the same size as the real deal. Why not simply spend some money to get these air pistols to use for training to keep their eye sharp and mix in a bit of live fire with their duty weapon as ammo permits to keep up with the recoil and feel of their real guns too.
This would allow them to conserve their ammo yet still shoot quite a bit because pellets and C02 is relatively cheap when compared to duty or even practice ammo.
Any LEO's out there who are having problems getting enough practice ammo would do well to give this a try so they can stay sharp without breaking the bank or depleting their supply of duty and training ammo.;)
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I have CCP class on the 16th, think I could show up for class with a .22 cal pellet pistol?

My guess would be no.
Depends on how your CCP laws are drawn out. Here in Tennessee the shooting portion of the class is only to show your ability to shoot, doesn't matter what you shoot. Heck, I used an EMF SAA clone in 45 Colt to take my class. Another guy was using a S&W revolver in 22mag and we had everything in between.
I fully understand that shooting a pellet pistol isn't the same as a center fire gun BUT it IS still shooting and can provide the benefit of keeping one's eye sharp and that's what training is mostly about.
Don't discount the humble pellet pistol/rifle as invalid because they don't use powder to push their projectile. You still need the skill to get hits on target with one and it'll keep you in shooting shape on the cheap.
I'd rather put 200 rounds of pellets downrange then not shoot at all.
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