Legality of Defending One's Home from Rioters

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    If there is any.
    Way more killings and murders go unsolved than ever are solved.

    And with the advent of DNA there has been and still is a steady march of folks being released after serving a couple decades in prison when its proven cops charged the wrong person.

    Wouldn't count on "evidence at the scene" THAT much ;)
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    I would, to each his own. And we were talking about a SD shooting.

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    I noticed our Sheriff's Deputies and local PDs monitoring all access roads to Interstate and across state border. In rural areas like this there are fewer roads so it is easier. But the Communists of all flavors, stole Mercedes Vans in California and other vehicles and bulldozers. I expect the bulldozers to be used at our border fence. They threatened and got some Dealers to give them Vehicles and Big Money bought others for them as I understand it. Caravaning and then individual vehicles full of these Terrorists will be coming and reinforcing Local Trash.
    Coure d Arlene Idaho had hundreds of armed citizens on hand, when the call was given based on intelligence they were coming. They exited rather quickly in their Mercedes vans. And there and other towns and cities in the West, I understand Citizens are armed and keeping watch.
    Around here many years ago they ended the Reserve Deputy Sheriffs, part of the Patriot Act I understand and the retirement that all sworn Officers have to go through the Law Enforcement Academy within a year of hiring or swearing in and most can't do that with jobs and age etc.
    When we first moved here the Sheriff then told us or some of us to take care of the problem and he would take care of was at least a half hour if deputies were not already doing something somewhere else to get to our community. Dems wanted a National Police Force and the Patriot Act and the vertical integration, of all lw Enforcement, First Responders Fire Departments etc under Homeland Security,put their ring in the noses of all Departments.
    So I have no idea what we face if we take deadly action to repell These Terrorists, withTn's rather weak Castle Doctrine. one so far has had any problem if they enter or try to enter their homes or vehicles and assault anyone. asked our Legislators to revive the Tn Guard and the Reserve Deputy Programs. Our Politician/Dept of Safety Directtor4 doesn't want anyone to have guns and certainly without a permit an I doubt he wants any authority taken away from him, and the Governor acts on his advice.
    We do what we have to do using best judgment and try to decide how to react and train for it before the stress and hormones kick in under fire so to speak. No sense havign a weapon if you can't decide and don't know when to use it.
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