legal implications of owning multiple guns

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    I have accumulated a couple dozen guns over the years, have a concealed weapons permit, and carry regularly. I read the various gun magazines, and have become concerned about the legal implications of owning several guns in the event I ever have to use a gun to defend myself or some other innocent would-be victim. I have read of people in my shoes who have had all their guns confiscated and used to create a negative image of the poor guy who simply defended his life from an assailant. Gunwriter/police officer Mas Ayood has written several articles about the subject. Should I make an effort to trim my gun collection ("arsenal") down to a minimum? I have had seven instances over the years wher drawing a gun has saved my bacon, being fortunate enough to have the burglar or street assailant back down. Do people really go to prison when they legitimately defend their lives, simply because they own several guns?
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    No, if you can prove that your life was in danger or that you THOUGHT your life was in danger, the guns you have at home have no bearing, excuse me, SHOULDNT have any bearing on you at all. Not sure where you are getting the info you have, but it sounds like scare tactics to me.


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    Only if you use all of them at the same time while doing it.
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    I don't think you got much to worry about as long as you are within the law. But regardless of how many guns you own the anti's are going to spin it as to make the gun owner look bad anyway.
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    Anything's possible, but the prosecutor is going to try and paint you as the bad guy no matter what if it has to go to trial.

    Do everything you're supposed to and it won't.
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    Get your C&R FFL.
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    I view the simple economics of the matter.

    I don't want to waste bullets I could be shooting

    at the range on some schmuck.

    But I'd really hate it if they confiscated my

    baseball bat collection, too...

    Most criminals spend massive amounts to illegally procure

    one gun, and one load of cartridges.

    I don't worry so much about the guy with 20 guns and

    15,000 rounds, he did the paperwork, took the training,

    and has a clear record.

    But it's easy for the LEOs and lawyers to misconstrue

    and change all that.

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    Not sure where you're getting your stories from, but I've never in my life heard of it happening.
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    Massad ayoob makes his living by being a proffesional witness expert in court cases along with writing inflamatory articles for gun rags like guns and ammo.

    A good sd shoot is a good sd shoot regardless of whether your using a 16inch naval cannon or a slingshot.

    People like ayoob dont always tell the whole story as it serves their agenda better by being a bomb thrower than telling you the guy that had the guns was doing prolly doing something illegal with them that came up in the investigation.

    Things you read written by experts in a gun rag is worth less than the advice you get on gun ownership from the huffington post....

    Consult a real defense attourney for legal advise on self defense in your state.
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    This. I have issues with Massad Ayoob.
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    The only thing that I suggest is that you be an honest collector. Some people do stupid things like collecting illegal arms. That is asking for trouble should you ever have to defend yourself. All of my guns are completely legal. I don't mess around in grey areas either. Other than that, you should have nothing to worry about.
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    Except in Calif.

    Here in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia the law enforcement officers will confiscate ALL your guns if they have to come out for almost any domestic disturbance call.
    If someone takes out a restraining order against you , you have to surrender your guns .
    If you get into a really tough shouting match with your wife, they confiscate.
    If they think you have ANY contraband in your house, they have a no knock warrant issued and they WILL take your guns.

    This state is the closest thing to a police state I have ever seen.
    Just be glad you don't live here.

    AIKIJUTSU New Member

    Thanks. I hate what the anti-gun media does to malign gun owners, and I hate the way the prosecutors in th aptly named "criminal justice system" will do anything to get a conviction, including twisting the facts to get the jury to have a negative opinion of the guy on trial.
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    Nice flag! Also a registered voter of the state if it ever comes into being. You are correct about Kalifornia law. Another reason to leave if possible. Domestic charges are pretty universal, and go beyond safety seizure. If convicted, you pretty much lose them. On occasion, spending a lot of money on a lawyer, I do know of a couple that have had their firearm rights restored. The question about the ownership of many firearms by someone involved in a shooting or self protection shooting means nothing if you own one or many. Things like having the opportunity to leave, instead of shooting, or shots at a fleeing law breaker will get you into problems, as well as branishing a firearm
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    IMHO, you are way over-thinking this gun ownership thingie. [​IMG]

    Of course if the issue is really bothering you, ship your guns to me for storage!
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    Multiple guns

    I personally, if my life or family was threatened to the point we might die, then i would use any means available to end the threat. I would make sure there was no other way out, and if using a weapon make sure he is facing you, once he turns to run don't shoot because the threat is over. This is something that only the indivdual facing the threat can decide the proper coarse to take. Hopefully it never happens.I don't beleive that legal multiple guns should have anything to do with it, but i am by no means a lawyer. I personally don't have alot of faith in our judicial system. Just look at the BS case in Florida.
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    What Jon said. Mas Ayoob talks trash to further his own agenda.

    Twice in my life i have shot home invaders. i was not charged either time. One time the prosecutor refused to prosecute and the other time the grand jury declined to charge my wife or myself. My wife shot a knife armed scumbag right between the running lights with a .357. The state police sgt. who taught my wife self defense responded to the call. The trooper's comment was: "L...., you did a job on this sob."

    Neither of us ever lost much sleep either.
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    Deleted. Double post
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    That's the way it is suppose to be.
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    Legal Implications of Owning Multiple Firearms?

    I don't see any problem having a large number of firearms as long as you are legal and have followed all the rules in your particular state in purchasing, rules, federal & local regulations, keeping them safe from little kids, making them harder to be stolen, etc. There are so many townships, parishes, counties that have their own governing rules sometimes, etc. The only problem albeit it's only a "problem" in my opinion is the seven times that you stated "it saved your bacon."

    In a self-defense situation, and no two are alike, the underlying issue is that your life or the lives of loved ones or others around you, regular citizens - were in imminent danger. Imminent danger includes the attacker’s apparent intent to cause great bodily injury or death, the device used by the attacker to cause great bodily injury or death, and the attacker’s opportunity, ability and motive to use the means to cause great bodily injury of death. Having said that, many prosecutors scrutinize & examine the evidence by using American Jurisprudence and the Reasonable Man Doctrine.

    In a self-defense trial, the grand jury or jury will be tasked with the chore of deciding if the amount of force used was reasonable. In order to have a chance of success, you will need to take them on a slow trip down the road to what it means to be a responsible armed citizen, and why, given your background, experience and training, the choices you made when you were forced to use deadly force in self-defense were reasonable.

    We can have a debate on the preceding paragraph for about a year, so give it the weight it deserves, if any at all. I suggest you purchase the Criminal Code Book for your particular state. It may cost anywhere from $29 to $119. All I am suggesting is to make sure that you are not prematurely drawing your weapon. These are all split second decisions, that being said - the average citizens are usually not trained. Our counter-terrorism training instructed us as officers to never draw our weapon unless we were willing to fire every round in the magazine, reload and continue to fire until the threat was eliminated. The rules that applied then are still ingrained in my mind, do I have an escape route, is anyone else in imminent danger, etc. The paperwork involved alone for drawing your weapon was unbelievable. It's amazing how fast the mind works in difficult life-and-death situations.

    I hope all the above didn't confused the heck out of you and maybe I just read too much into what you were asking. My bad - I'm a newbie on this site and I'll probably be prohibited from answering any further questions. Our state representative once told me the old adage, "Donnie - I'd rather get caught with it [CCW] and not need it, than to need it and not have it." He's passed now and always carried a Smith & Wesson Model 37 inside his beltline, covered by his suit coat. Until next time,

    Peace Always Through Superior Firepower,


    Some of the above was cited from the following:
    What Is Imminent Danger?
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