Legal Full Auto Trigger System

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    this is one of those items that rides the ragged line of legality. it can be seen both ways. so basically your entrusting your freedom to the whims of a district attorney, a federal judge, and a jury of your peers all of whom have no clue about nfa rules and regulations and are relying on the opinions of the local batfe agent to tell them what end is up.

    my opinion is stay away from such devices.

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    Get the SSAR stock instead, I know its 10x as high, but you will have less headaches. The AB225 I saw didnt work.
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    Ill be honest, really wanted to get the bump fire stock but then i thought about it. Full auto rifles are not known for their accuracy in full auto and as much as it would be cool to see what its like to go full auto, i'll save my bullets and money instead:cool:
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    just holding the trigger back this is true for long range shooting. the purpose of automatic fire in a rifle or subgun is cqb 2-3 hits on a target. with proper trigger control and an experienced shooter they are extremely effective and deadly. at least the ones that dont have the 3 round burst training wheels...
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    Full auto is legal, you just have to do the paperwork drill.
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    Just don't get caught shooting anyone with one installed, you will probably be alright.
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    I purchased the auto burst trigger at a gun show. It came with a card stating it was ATF approved. It works flawlessly on my AR but not so much on my AK. The only problem I have is my AR will fire half a clip and stop. I kick the chambered round out and it will shoot about 5 more and then stop. I examined the round and the firing pin is striking the primer but not hard enough to fire the round. I can rechamber the round and it will fire. I have tried several ammo brands with the same results. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    First off the little card it comes with in a court of law vs the atf is about as worth as much as a space heater in hell.

    What is happening is the hammer is riding the bolt forward as it is activating the trigger soon as it can.
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    Rubber Band would be cheaper and easier to remove
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    Not to mention the cost of ammo. I can barely afford my semi's...

    Many of these "full auto" devices essentially defeat standard semi-auto safeties, or create slam-fire

    conditions in order to create a full auto effect, and are not good for the gun.

    Some are less easy to control, and you may find yourself struggling to keep the muzzle pointed

    down range till your magazine is empty, if they don't stop firing when you let up on the trigger.
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    Other than just to have some fun. These trinkets are not very useful at all. And what the people who get into this do not realize is their weapon's worst enemy is prolonged exposure to rapid fire which creates the heat that increases throat erosion on their barrels. Not to mention the cost of uselessly throwing ammunition and money down range. Take for example the FBI who chose to go to the semi-auto two stage trigger over purchasing full auto weapons. This because they proved that with the semi auto two stage trigger the operator could have much more controlled fire rapidly by just going back to the reset and having a 3.5 lb let off after the initial shot. As well as accuracy far improved over the auto weapon due to this slight amount of time to gain control of the rifle. Even in law enforcement their is a valid question if LE even needs auto weapons.
    So with the above mention. If it is just for kicks and giggles and blowing off ammunition, and increasing wear on your fine weapon? "Go For It!"

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    seen both

    the burst trigger didn't work at all was a waste of money glad it wasn't me spending it
    the stock was cool and took some getting use to it but once I got the hang of it I could do a whole mag without a miss fire or jam