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    Phil Mickelson won his fourth major, and his third Masters. Lefty has always been my favorite golfer (current, I think that Jack is the greatest ever). Ive always appreciated how his is always agressive and never lays up. Its cost him majors in the past. Must be biases since im also left handed. I watched what I could, and his game was on this weekend. He deserved the green jacket this year. Both his wife AND mother were diagnosed with breast cancer about a year ago. This was the first tournament that they have been able to go to in a year. Outstanding performance by an outstanding golfer.

    Congratulations Lefty.
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    Yeah, but just about all the other PGA tour players HATE him because of his arrogance. Google 'FIGJAM'

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    I asked Him, he told me he was good.:D
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    I TOLD you he would!