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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by silverado113, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. silverado113

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    Since I have been shooting bolt action weapons I always have had your traditional made for right handed bolt action. Are there any lefties that started that way and then made the switch and if so how was switching over?
  2. alsaqr

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    Lefty here: i used right hand rifles for many years. In 1966 i traded for a Mathieu left hand rifle. Still have that rifle and numerous other left hand guns. My last left hand gun is a Stag Arms AR-15. With a left hand AR a lefty don't have the empties ejecting in front of your face.

  3. Dennis845

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    Yea, I had to adapt to the right handers world. Always got hot brass down my fatigue shirt shooting the M-16 in the military. Long time ago the wife bought me a Left Hand Browning 30.-06, A-Bolt. Left handed anything is difficult to find, save LH screw drivers :D
  4. c3shooter

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    Dennis, if you ever go back to the M16, try to find one made by GM. They had a different ejection pattern than the Colt.

    One of my grandsons is a lefty. Found him a nice little Remington 241 Speedmaster. Loads through the buttstock, ejects out of the bottom.
  5. Txhillbilly

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    I'm right handed,but left eye dominant.I have always shot lefty since I started shooting as a kid. Back then,all we had were right handed guns.

    I didn't buy any left handed guns until I was in my 30's,but now I have several.
    I'm lucky,that I can shoot left or right handed,and shoot equally as well either way.I have even taught myself to shoot handguns with either hand also.

    Operating the bolt on a rifle will seem awkward at first,but with practice,it will become second nature.

    Browning,Remington,Savage,Tikka,and a couple others offer rifles in left hand versions. I'm kinda partial to the Savage brand-I have 5 of their lefties,and they all shoot excellent.
  6. lonyaeger

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    Then why do you go to all the trouble of finding or ordering those lefties? :confused:
  7. Txhillbilly

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    Just to bug you!

    How's the Cooper shooting?