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  1. This is my first post on your forum, so first I'd like to say g'day. Secondly, I'd like to thank you guys, because your passion (or sickness, lol) for EBRs has made me want to make my own rifle.

    So, down to buisness. I've recently gotten my hands on a stripped lower, and a RRA lpk, and im looking at getting a stag upper (yes, I know its gonna take 13 1/2 years to get to me, lol) My question is this---I'm left handed, but I'm wondering if it's worth the extra $$$ to buy a left handed stag upper? Thanks in advance guys.
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    Welcome to the Forum Aggro -

    Being a second generation Southpaw myself, I can sympathize, but my old man was smart enough to train me early on to shoot right handed, so I got lucky.

    When you shoot rifles, do you shoot custom LH models, or do you shoot RH models from the left?

    Have you shot a RH AR before? Did the brass ejection bother you?

    There are several LH forum members, so I would imagine the guys will be by to offer their ideas...


  3. Thanks JD.

    Unfortunatly I have very limited rifle experience. I have 7-8 months of firearm experince, the majority of which has been with handguns, so I don't have enough experience to know whether a right hand ejection port will be a problem or not. The few rifles I have shot have all been RH models, and during those brief episodes, I don't remember having any problems. I'm not a real beefy guy, so there isn't a whole lot of me for the hot brass to hit, if that makes a difference. :D I'm just wondering, because as expensive and hard-to-find as the Obamination has made AR's I don't want to make the wrong choice. Are there any lefties who could give me personal experience?
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    I've only shot an AR once, but I didn't have any problems with it. No brass in my face or down my shirt. I always shoot left handed. I think that maybe the problems shooting left handed are overexaggerated.
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    i can shoot rh and lh and never had a issue with the brass flying and hitting me.. i honestly dont see the issue with lh shooting a rh rifle..
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    First realize that the Stag LH upper is only going to give you left-side eject and left-side forward assist. Other controls will remain standard unless you add upgraded parts.

    My best friend is left-handed and has a department issued rifle. Before getting the department gun he was considering getting a Stag LH model. After shooting the department gun he, like others here, has no issues with the right-side ejection, and doesn't see the left-side eject as a priority anymore.

    Here are some other ideas to consider for a leftie though:

    Badger Ordinance Ambidextrous Charging Handle

    Ambidextrous Safety. This one by DPMS is available at Brownells - World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools

    AMBI-CATCH from Buffer Tech - Home Page
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    I shoot left, too, and own a regular Stag RH model and there are no problems with flying hot brass. In general, I haven't had problems -- whether it's an AR or something else.

    Bullpups with the ejection port right beside my face is another matter....
  8. Much appreciation for the input guys. I'm just gonna go with the RH model, and then when the money tree recovers, I'll add ambi saftey, mag release, etc. My stripped lower should get here soon, and I already have the LPK and stock assembly, so I'll start putting her together hear pretty soon hopefully. Thanks for the help!
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    AA,I'm right handed,but left eye dominant and have always shot left handed. Every semi auto rifle I own is right handed and they do not bother me with the brass ejecting from them,nor have I ever had any hit me in the face with the exception of an old M16 that I fired once,but it didn't have a brass deflector cast into the upper reciever like all do today.
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    I'm a lefty but because my dad was right handed and he is the one who taught me to shoot, I shoot right handed. I actually find it slightly more difficult to shoot left handed. I doubt if I were to shoot my AR left handed I would have any trouble because my rifle places all the empty brass in a 1 square foot area and that is straight out at a 90 degree angle from the ejection port. I also shoot pistols right handed but can fire them from my left hand.
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    LH Stag comment

    This perfect, I'm a lefty also. I think I have the same question....

    I have a right hand Bushy, Disapator, came that lower take a Stag LH upper?

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    Im also a lefty shooter. I just built an ar and went with a right hand upper. To avoid gas blow back in my face I went with a piston kit. A left hand ar is going to be really hard to sell and limited on your options. Diff bolt carrier and bolt. The piston kit works great and as long as you have a shell deflector on your upper you should be good to go.

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    I'm left eye dominant and shot lefty. I own 2 right handed ar s and prefer righty. Haven't had one issue shooting lefty. I find using a right handed ar makes it easier to operate the functions of the rifle.


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    Left handed upper:


    You'd have to call on the BCG:


    And if you can't wait:


    One thing I'd recommend, if you ever decide to sell the set up, I'd buy a right handed upper and BCG to swap out so that you have your left handed rig available at all times.
    I have no clue of the quality of these parts, just what can be found with a quick google search.
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    I own a RH Stag Model 2 and shoot lefty. No issues with brass ejection.
  16. kewldevil1

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    I find shooting left hand it is easier to manipulate the mag release while keeping a good grip. Plus the bolt release it right there.
  17. AgentTikki

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    For your next build, look into the AXTN series of ambi lowers.
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    Tikki!! Empty your inbox!
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    I've shot lefty all my life and never had any problems with so called "righty" guns except for bolt actions being very slow and awkward to cycle. Some bullpup styles cannot be shot lefty but otherwise shoot them righty guns!
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    I shoot my bolt actions and ARs left handed. Never had brass hit me with the AR. A RH upper will be fine and easier to sell down the road over a LH upper.